We manage the collection, treatment and distribution of water, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water each day – that’s the equivalent of a glass of water for every person on the planet! We also collect, treat and dispose of about one billion litres of waste water safely back into the environment each day. Through our grid system we operate more than 700 water and sewage treatment works and 120 reservoirs. We operate 40,000 miles of water and sewerage mains – enough pipework to circulate the earth! Many of these pipes were constructed back in the 19th century and are still in use today. Our job is to maintain these in good working order and continually improve them for future generations to protect public health, the environment and public water supply.


Drinking water Services

man drinking glass of water drop shadowIt's impossible to ignore how important clean water is in our daily lives - we use it for brushing our teeth in the morning, topping up our water levels after a competitive game of sport and watering our favourite blooms in the summer. If you'd like to learn more about what we do to make sure Yorkshire has a constant supply of clean, high quality drinking water and why fresh water is such an important of part of a ...

Sewerage Services

Sewerage services imageWhether you're planning a small extension, a development of several hundred houses or planning a commercial/industrial venture, we can help. Our suite of services for developers ranges from pre-planning sewerage enquiries to the closure of existing sewers.  We'll support your new development whilst ensuring the public sewer network isn't adversely affected.

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Water and Wastewater

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