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Solar Thermal Drain-back (DB) System

The ZEN solar thermal drain-back (DB) system is optimised to work in a western European climate and has proven to be an efficient and reliable system, with some of the first examples still functioning after having been installed in the late 1970's. The ZEN DB system has a range of different sized flat plate collectors that are fitted with an in-roof system and can be supplied complete with a range of different sized ZEN thermal stores.

Solar PV Modules

ZEN solar PV modules are manufactured solely in Europe and have some of the highest kWh yields per kWp of any manufacturer: ZEN is the European service provider for Fronius inverters and can also supply SMA and SolarMax inverters.

Heat Pumps

The ZEN Compact heat pump is a combined unit capable of providing space heating, hot water and ventilation heat recovery requirements in one compact solution. Additionally ZEN can offer a range of air and ground source heat pumps in various sizes.

Ventilation Heat Recovery

The ZEN Calda unit produces hot water from the heat extracted from a buildings ventilation air that would otherwise be wasted.

4 Products found
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