ZENIT Ambiente has a twenty years experience in the environment protection field, in particular for protecting ground and waters from greases and hydrocarbures pollution.ZENIT Ambiente designs and manufactures `last generation` products, oriented with both higher safety working conditions and better efficiency.The ZENIT Ambiente main products are: absorbing and containing barriers, granular minerals absorbing greases present on ground and waters, other similar (vegetal) products, homologated by Italian Mercantile Marine Ministry.


BL45 - Vertical Light Boom

BL/45 is a Boom designed and manufactured to making up the traditional disadvantages of the other barriers. In fact BL/45 is very light (only kg/m 1.3) and its volume is extremely reduced (the m 12 modules, folded back, have an overall dimension equal to cm 45x70x45h); said quallities make BL/45 ideal for use in mountain streams, rivers and canals. The reduced height of the hand-made article enables, in the immerged part, a correct waters downflow ...

Fitosorb - Natural, vegetal absorbent

FITOSORB® is a vegetal micrograins product which, thanks to its properties, is able to absorb pollutant agents and grease substances, without giving them back. FITOSORB® is a product particularly indicated for absorbing not only greases and hydrocarbons, but also pollutant liquids of various nature, as leakages of organic liquids. UTILIZATION: In case of accidental spills, it has to be strewed on the grease staining proportions suitable as ...


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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills

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Internationally (various countries)



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