ZENIT Ambiente has a twenty years experience in the environment protection field, in particular for protecting ground and waters from greases and hydrocarbures pollution.ZENIT Ambiente designs and manufactures `last generation` products, oriented with both higher safety working conditions and better efficiency.The ZENIT Ambiente main products are: absorbing and containing barriers, granular minerals absorbing greases present on ground and waters, other similar (vegetal) products, homologated by Italian Mercantile Marine Ministry.


BO - Horizontal circoular boom

The type BO booms, light and easy to be installed, they are perfect for holding actions against oil pollutions or hydrocarbon on water. Made with a really hard support in polyester, buttered in both the sides by PVC. The buoyancy and the reserve of thrust are assured by particular cylindrical forms, made by polyethylene foam encapsulate into the tissue by thermal solder joints. An adequate ballasted appendix guarantees the boom's stability and a ...

Model BR/60 - Heavy Duty Boom

The boom's body of the BR 60 model is made by an heavyduty issue in polyester at mechanical highest resistance, buttered both sides by PVC (BA1200 issue, yellow with a traction's resistance like 750 kg/5cm). This stuff made the bringing structure of the boom that is build with standard modules of 10mt, or in different size. On the modules are fixed floating elements, made of trapezoidal sections, build with double part linked each other, for almost ...


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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills

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Internationally (various countries)



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