Zephyr Environmental Corporation (Zephyr) is a privately held, full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) firm offering consulting, training, and data systems services to clients worldwide. Founded in 1994, Zephyr works with most industry sectors in a number of regulatory arenas, specializing in air and water quality, waste management and cleanup issues, incident management, natural resources, and workplace and community safety. Zephyr takes great pride in being a client-focused, solution-oriented service company. Included among our professional staff are chemical, civil, environmental, and industrial engineers; certified safety professionals; hydrogeologists; meteorologists; biologists; and environmental scientists.

Who are We?

Zephyr Environmental Corporation is a privately held full-service environmental, health and safety firm offering consulting, training, and data systems services to clients worldwide. Working within multiple industries, we specialize in air & water quality, waste management & cleanup issues, incident management, and workplace & community safety.

Zephyr has taken great care to build a staff of professionals that satisfies the variety of EHS challenges posed by both our clients' needs and by regulators. Our focus on teamwork has resulted in a productive, shared working environment that enables us to provide the right mix of professionals for each project. This approach allows our teams to seamlessly collaborate on multiple service projects for a client, and work with other Zephyr offices to satisfy multiple facility requests from locations around the world.

We are able to tailor our services to meet project requirements, including offering training courses, expert testimony, and data systems that complement and support our consulting services. We assist our clients with both their off-site and onsite consulting needs, providing them with turnkey environmental, health and saftey support for all their sites, both domestic and international.

What`s in a Name?

Zephyr, the gentle west wind, a word that conjures up images of clean sea air and sailing ships running before a steady breeze to a safe harbor. Of all the winds, the sailor prized the zephyr for its steadfast reliability and the fair weather that it promised.

In this high technology age, the values of responsiveness, excellence, and integrity can be overshadowed by other priorities; however, at Zephyr Environmental Corporation, these values are paramount. We are dedicated to bringing a personal touch to all our client interactions, striving to clearly understand and respond to each client's needs. At the same time, we are committed to excellence and integrity in our interactions among ourselves, with our clients, and with regulatory agencies.

As expressed through Zephyr's mission statement, it is our goal to provide each client with uncompromising EHS consulting, training, and data systems services based on sound technical knowledge and experience. When judgments are required, we will make them with integrity and with a clear understanding and focus on the specific objectives of the client.


Health & Safety Service

Proactive employee health and safety programs and issues are an important priority for our clients. Zephyr is pleased to offer existing and future clients responsive, high-quality, customized, value-added, cost effective health and safety services. From written programs to workplace assessments to staffing on-site assistance, Zephyr is well qualified to offer expertise and assistance.

Natural Resources Service

Zephyr provides a wide range of Natural Resources services to a variety of public and private clients. Our staff is experienced in the fields of ecology and regulatory permitting. We have extensive experience in conducting field investigations, monitoring, and document preparation that complies with the Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. We are capable of evaluating the needs of ...

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