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After accumulated more then decades’ experience in PET recycling field, Boretech not only developing and supplying the know-how of whole plant equipment and single unit exporting, but also actually running and selling PET materials business in up & down stream productions now. Under this outstanding condition, the equipment and Know-how proposals are certified by actual operations. And the spirit of operated plan will be complied with and melt in the operator’s requirements. From the Recycling Process showed each square drawing representative an independent functional module, which under this standardized process, will obtain best efficient of function and product quality. Also, at this global variety recycling circumstance, each functional module may be adjusted to fit in local requirements.

About Us

We, Zhejiang Boretech Co., Ltd, are environmental equipment & plastic recycling enterprise which comes from Taiwan with 20 years experience for PET bottle and other waste plastic recycle and 15 years experience for polyester staple fiber. Our plentiful manufacturing experience has become our prime backbone in waste plastic recycling plan, design and produce. Especially in PET bottle field, we provide not only whole recycling line or single machine but also operate manufacturing and sales in various kinds of recycled PET material and their upper and lower reaches practically. With those outstanding conditions, the equipment and project provided by us are verified by actual operation and the spirit of design is conform to operator's demand perfectly.

Since last century, there is highly economic development in global and speedy growth in population. To satisfy human being substance consumption's requested, which caused the natural sources exhausting, and the un-conversed ecological environment's destroying. Even more caused climate system's seriously un-balanced. Facing such a consequent, human being not only shall deeply thinking it over, also shall have reality and concrete movement to decrease this worsen situation, or to a better improvement. The development of economic and scientific is the necessary evolution process of human civilization. The cleaned and balanced ecological environment is the species survival's basic requirement. Therefore, how to connect scientific to get a relative balance in civilization develop and environment protect, that is a subject of worthy to consider deeply.

The development of environmental protection industry, especially in resources recycling which is a human being's concrete action to lessen or improving the worsen environment. Meanwhile it will take care of the both demands of social requirements and enterprise development. It will become the 21 century's major industry. Since we establish BORETECH, well using 'Mineral on Surface', and pursuing eternal operation, is our company's highest guideline 'Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise' as well as 'Sincere & Truth' is our Enterprise's criterion. Also, marching toward the recycle technology development and recycle substances consolidated usage, as well as gradually towards the direction of proposal supplier in 'environment management and recycling resources'.



T-Type PET Bottle Recycling System

It’s been over 20 years in developing washing, recycling of wasted PET bottles’ production process. From the ways of handling procedures, it’s been divided 2 main streams, which are Washing, Separation first, Grinding last. Or grinding first then Washing, Separation last. The whole concepts are followed the front processes, and some of functions are included rear one. The key point of recycling the material from wasted plastics is ...

Label Scrapping Machine

As Known that PET is a kind of sensitive materials, How to remove the PVC labels from PET bottles effecitively with low production cost is a key point in the recycling process. The patented Label scraping machine, invented by our company using the friction between the fixed blades on the rotor and blades to tear off the labels attached on bottles. No matter what size of bottles and whether the bottles are baldes or not, the rubbing interval can be ...

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Waste and Recycling

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Globally (various continents)

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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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