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Example: Aluminium recycling Similar tasks: Recycling of copper, lead, ...
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Airborne Monitoring Platform

by Boreal Laser Inc.
Airborne Monitoring Platform

Many of the world’s natural gas transmission pipelines cross undeveloped and sparsely populated land. Natural vegetation quickly grows back after a pipeline has been laid, making it practically impossible to ...

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STADAA (Technology Solutions in ...
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As the world’s population has increased, sources of clean water have decreased, ...

Emphasizing new technologies that produce clean water and energy from the ...

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Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.`s mission ...
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Since its foundation in 1901 as the Engineering ...
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Bioprocess Control is a technology and market ...
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Showcase Product

CO2 Sensor for Monitoring

by Franatech GmbH
CO2 Sensor for Monitoring

CO2 monitoring and control in fish-farming. A cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable sensor, with very low maintenance and long-term stability.

Showcase Product

Bio-Organic Catalyst

by EcoJump LLC
Bio-Organic Catalyst

The Bio-Organic Catalyst line of products are developed for use in the following categories; oil spill remediation, water purification, waste water treatment, odor control, Bio-Catalytic cleaning, composting, ...