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BioDiesel - Recycled Bio-Based Cooking Oils

by BioGTS Ltd.

Sustainable biodiesel can be best produced from recycled bio-based cooking oils and greases from food industry, restaurants and households, and used as fuel in normal diesel vehicles and for heating and/or cooling. It is a very clean renewable fuel with zero greenhouse gas emissions and 80-90 % lower particle emissions than conventional diesel.



Biomass refers to the entirety of the mass of organic material in a defined ecosystem that became bio-chemically synthesized. Therefore it contains the mass of all living beings, including the died out organisms and the organic metabolism products. About 60% of the biomass of the earth is represented through microorganisms. Biologists and ...


by American Council On Renewable Energy

“Biofuels” are transportation fuels like ethanol and biodiesel that are made from biomass materials. These fuels are usually blended with the petroleum fuels — gasoline and diesel fuel, but they can also be used in their pure form. Ethanol and biodiesel are usually more expensive than the fossil fuels that ...

Bio-WaterClean TR

by SHIEER Bio Systems s.r.o.

A novelty in anaerobic digestion; a special product that breaks down cellulose, therewith making many new types of waste (economically) suitable for transformation into methane.

Model BWC-D - Bio-WaterClean Digestion

by SHIEER Bio Systems s.r.o.

Fully organic and 100% biodegradable, BWC-D is a stimulator for the specialised micro-organisms that, via enzymatic and catalytic steering, accelerates the cleaning processes (aerobic phase) or gas production (anaerobic phase). It contains not less than 62.000 different carriers that all have a different effect on the micro-organisms. These ...

Renewable Power Solutions for Telecom Systems

by Anelion Smart Power

Telecom repeaters are traditionally installed in places with no access to the power distribution grids. Thus, Diesel Gensets are extensively used to power those systems. These systems are characterized by requiring abundant servicing and having extremely high O&M costs. To ensure stability  and reliability in the power supply, designers ...

Model GC-BF-S50 - Bioester For Biofuel And Heating Oil Formulations


S50 is a bioester derived from natural oils which is compatible with diesel / FAME blends. S50 is structurally similar to FAME. It is composed of natural free fatty acids identical to the ones found in FAME. The only chemical difference is that S50 contains a glycerol monoalcohol instead of methanol.

Double-wall Generator Fuel Tanks

by Canada Farm Distributors Ltd.

Canada Farm Distributors stocks a variety of storage tanks suitable for storing diesel fuel, heating oil and bio fuels (up to B20). Tank styles include above-ground cylindrical tanks, vertical tanks for small footprint and convenient filling, and in-base generator fuel tanks. Replacement in-base tanks are available with DOT certification for ...

Model 5800 - BioMobile

by Bio-Alternative, LLC

BioMobile 5800 advanced continuous-flow system takes advantage of our proprietary process technology to make biofuel production easy and affordable. Our refinery converts a variety of conventional feedstocks to biodiesel at a fraction of the cost of traditional processing methods. The compact refinery can be placed where you need it — and ...

Biorefinery Systems

by Biofueltechnics GmbH

We thoroughly test all of our products on yield and on the road, where it counts.  Our biorefinery-systems incorporate many years of real world experience, and countless  test miles into their designs. We feature many products and designs developed exclusively by us. Our exclusive technology with centrifuges-technology, Electric Filter ...

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