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Biomass Power

by Clean Energy BC

Biomass energy generation is the creation of heat and/or power from carbonaceous substances such as solid wood or wood residues, agricultural crop residues, aquatic plants, animal wastes, and dedicated energy crops such as tree farms. Biomass energy can be stand alone heat generation such as the lumber dry kilns associated with sawmills. ...

Biomass Combined Heat and Power Stations

by PROKON Nord Energiesysteme GmbH

N.prior energy is a pioneer in the field of biomass combined heat and power (CHP) stations in Europe with a total of five biomass CHP stations. They have a rated power of 120 MWel (20 MWel owned by N.prior energy) and an output of 896 million kWh per year. With an average of more than 8,000 full-load hours per year, 300,000 households can be ...

PRME - Biomass Gasification Systems

by PRM Energy Systems, Inc.

The PRME Gasification Technology is fixed bed, up-draft, sub-stoichiometric, multi-zoned gasification air and staged combustion air. PRME Gasification Systems are available in a wide range of sizes to gasify from 20 – 2,000 tons per day.

Co-Generation Plants

by Uniconfort srl

A solution tailor-made for the customer.To meet the growing demand for co-generation plants powered by solid biomass, in addition to offering specialized technical solutions based on the specific need, Uniconfort offers its customers a series of related services.Our philosophy is not to limit ourselves to simply supplying technology, but to place ...

Biomass Storage

by Tank Connection Affiliate Group (TCAG)

Biopower is the use of biomass to generate electricity, or heat and steam required for the operation of a refinery. Biopower system technologies include direct-firing, cofiring, gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Most power plants use direct-fired systems. They burn biomass feedstock directly to produce steam. This steam drives a ...

Biogas Plants

by Zorg Biogas AG

Biogas production is possible on biogas plants of very different scale. They can be small plants to produce energy for local needs or gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to public grid. Specially grown energy crops, agricultural industry wastes and many food wastes are all suitable for biogas production. Feedstock ...

RFO Power Generation

by Ensyn Technologies Inc.

Ensyn’s RTP represents breakthrough advantages for the generation of electricity from solid biomass.

Bioenergy Systems

by Canmet ENERGY - Natural Resources Canada

Bioenergy is a renewable energy resource derived from living organisms and/or their byproducts. It currently accounts for approximately 6% of Canada’s total energy supply. Bioenergy is an extensive sustainable energy resource that can supply energy to Canada while emitting low CO2 and reducing waste. Scientists and engineers at CanmetENERGY ...


by h s energieanlagen gmbh

The TurboHPR - allothermal gasifier with gas turbine.Only gasification allows to convert solid biomass to reach high efficiency in combined heat and power generation in the decentralized sector.Due to this, h s energieanlagen gmbh has developed an allothermal fluidized bed gasifier (BioHPR 500), which was optimized and tested and ready for market ...

Innovative CHP Technologies

by BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH

The utilisation of new biomass fuels and the development of next generation combustion systems should provide the basis for more cost efficient heat as well as combined heat and power production from biomass in the future. However, the CHP technologies presently available on the market are restricted to the large (steam cycles for plants >2 ...

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