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Biomass Power Plants

by LAMBION Energy Solutions GmbH     based in Bad Arolsen, GERMANY

Biomass Power Plants and Heat Stations Use Biogenic Waste and Residues for Energy Production. Lambion biomass power plants open up rich new sources of energy. We design and produce highly efficient plants of 1 - 30 MWth for use with nearly one hundred different forms of solid biomass. Ideally with the complete range of peripherals.The Lambion ...

KAHL - Wood Pelleting Plants

by Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG     based in Reinbek, GERMANY

KAHL WOOD PELLETING - A high quality awareness establishes KAHL on the wood pellet market. For more than 30 years Kahl has dealt with this product and can offer a sophisticated process for the production of high-quality pellets with very good combustibility, now.

Complete Biomass Plants 1 - 30 MWth

by LAMBION Energy Solutions GmbH     based in Bad Arolsen, GERMANY

We design and construct turnkey facilities with capacities ranging from 1 - 30 MWth for all types of applications and any type of solid biomass fuel. Owing to the great diversity of biogenic materials used, each Lambion plant is individually designed to fit its specified purpose and achieve peak energy and economic efficiency. This entails ...

Garioni Naval - Model GPT/AC, GPT/CP/AC - Solid Fuel Boiler

by Garioni Naval SpA     based in Castelmella, ITALY

A few notes about solid fuel combustion. In the combustion of solid fuel, many parameters must be controlled at the same time to obtain satisfactory results. The combustion chamber must have a fair volume, the steady state temperature must be correct and constant; the combustion air must be metered and dispensed properly; the depression inside ...

Feeding System for Biomass

by PRÄZI-Flachstahl AG     based in Everswinkel, GERMANY

The proven and standardized solid feed systems are specially optimized for the continuous and/or interval-based feeding of the growing raw materials. They distinguish themselves through good performance level and compactness.The safety standards of the ATEX Guideline form the basis of the design and production. Our systems are gas leakage proof at ...

THEAREX - Sludge Digestors

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Advanced 3 step digestion process for biosludge (WAS) (chemical cracking + thermophilic hydrolysis followed by methanation), doubling organic conversion efficiency compared with conventional digestion.

RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues (RAPTOR)

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

A compact 3 step process (enzymatic + thermophilic hydrolysis followed by methanation) transforming food & agricultural residues into biogas.

Boiler System for Biomass an Other Solid Fuel Wirth Grate Firing

by Josef Bertsch GmbH & Co KG     based in Bludenz, AUSTRIA

Given the high cost of primary energy sources such a gas and/or oil and the increasing requirement for low CO2 emissions, biomass has developed into an important and highly versatile source of energy in Europe in recent years.

Storages and Reclaiming System

by Raumaster Oy     based in Rauma, FINLAND

Depending on the capacities and storage volumes required, a suitable solution for each project is selected from Raumaster storage and reclaiming product line – a solution perfected by our long experiece and continuous product development. The fuel can be stored either in open or closed storages. Generally the ...

Schnell - Model 200 kW TO 800 kW - Biomass Power Plant

by Schnell Motoren AG     based in Amtzell, GERMANY

Features: Superior gas quality, Ease of use, High ef ficiency, Extensive experience, Patented build-in components, Turnkey all-in-one system for energy generation without complicated interfaces.

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