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Screw Biogas Compressors



Biogas - Membrane Biogas Dome

by BioGas Products Ltd.

Biogas Products Ltd supply and install biogas domes to existing or new anaerobic digesters. Both concrete and steel tanks of any size and shape can be accommodated.

WELtec BioPower - Fermenter Made from Stainless Steel

by WELtec BioPower GmbH

The heart of a biogas plant is the fermenter where the biological processes take place. As a result we attach great importance to this component. The gas composition which is very aggressive when forming attacks many materials. That’s why only resistant materials are implemented in the biogas area of WELTEC systems. The material of choice ...


by Gazasia Ltd.

Biomethane refers to pipeline-quality gas derived from the decomposition of organic material. It is produced from biogas which has been cleaned or ‘upgraded’ to better meet gas pipeline specifications, by the removal of CO2 and gases such as hydrogen sulphide to leave an almost pure (~97%) methane gas. Biomethane produced from the ...



The biogas production technology is RENEW ENERGY’s basic model manifested in RENEW ENERGY’s separation plants and biorefineries in combination with ethanol plants. Bacteria convert biomass into valuable fertilizers and environmentally friendly biogas. Examples of biomass are livestock manures and organic residuals such as waste from ...

Biogas - Dehumidifier

by BioGas Products Ltd.

Biogas Products Ltd can ensure you get the most out of your CHP engine by removing moisture from the biogas, using a biogas dehumidifier, before it enters the combustion process. We design and manufacture gas dehumidifiers at our West Midlands workshop and install them on anaerobic digester sites all over the UK.

Biogas Holders

by Global Renewables UK Limited

The anaerobic digester produces biogas during anaerobic conversion of the volatile solids in the percolate solutions.The biogas will typically contain 60 per cent to 70 per cent methane and 20 per cent to 30 per cent CO2 and a range of trace contaminant gasses, particularly H2S. The occurrence of H2S will depend on the precise nature of the MSW ...

Biogas - Condensate Pots

by BioGas Products Ltd.

Biogas Products Ltd manufacture stainless steel condensate pots which can be configured to your specification. If you prefer, we can advise on the most appropriate size condensate pot based on the diameter of your pipework and gas flow. We can install condensate pots to any new or existing anaerobic digester site across the UK.

Biogas and Biomethane

by Environmental Energy & Engineering Company

E3's anaerobic digestion technologies maximize the conversion of organic substrates to biogas. E3's technologies can economically produce pipeline quality (High BTU) gas for direct pipeline injection or as a transportation fuel.

DVO - Anaerobic Digesters

by DVO, Inc.

The methane biogas is collected from the first two stages of the AD vessel and utilized for fuel in the combined heat and power (CHP) gensets. These gensets are commercially available, natural gas -fueled reciprocating engines modified to burn biogas. The electricity produced by these gensets can be used to offset on-farm power consumption; excess ...

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