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GASODRIX - Biogas Drier Package Unit

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Biogas is coming out of the anaerobic digesters saturated with water vapour. At the usual digester temperature of mesophilic anaerobic digesters of around 30°C, this means that the biogas contains about 5% water, or about 50 g/Nm³ biogas. If the temperature of the biogas subsequentely drops, some of that water will condense into liquid.

Model C6Z to C18Z-G - Landfill Gas, Biogas, Sludge Gas, Mine Gas Screw Compressors

by RKR Gebläse und Verdichter GmbH     based in Rinteln, GERMANY

Volume flow: 2 m3/min to 31 m3/min, Overpressure: 1 to 3.5 bar, Motor power: up to 160 kW, Drive: direct drive with coupling

ETW - Biogas CHP Stations

by ETW Energietechnik GmbH     based in Moers, GERMANY

ETW biogas CHP stations are designed, built and produced on the basis of many years of experience in the areas of landfill and mine gas utilisation and followed up by support offered by experienced service technicians. The gas motor and/or motor/generator system as primary components are optimally integrated in a complex plant concept which, when ...

Model E Series - Economical Biogas Contaminant Removal System

by Pioneer Air Systems     based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA)

Gas is filtered by an inlet scrubber before the gas to refrigerant (or glycol) heat exchanger to remove entrained particulates & liquids; and, to keep heat exchangers clean. The gas to refrigerant heat exchanger cools gas to 40oF before its compressed, which protects blower/compressor.

DMT Carborex - Model MS - Biogas Upgrading System

by DMT Environmental Technology     based in Joure (NL), NETHERLANDS

As we are all aware, fossil fuels are depleting rapidly and the energy consumption is growing. Due to  increasing fossil fuel prices other types of fuels become more interesting. Nowadays technology enables us to use renewable fuels in an economically profitable way. An easy technique to produce fuel is the digestion of green waste; sewage ...

SOXSIA - H2s Removal from Biogas System

by Gastreatment Services B.V.     based in Bergambacht, NETHERLANDS

SOXSIA® (Sulphur Oxidation and Siloxane Adsorption) is a catalyst, for the adsorption of siloxanes from biogas in combination with H2S removal from dry gas. The favourable adsorption properties result in high-adsorption capacity and removal efficiency for contaminants present at moderate concentrations in gas flows. The selected extruded ...

Model 2EHA-2-BIS-G - Solid Waste Drying Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

This compressor was installed in a solid waste drying plant, taking advantage of the generated biogas (biometanization). The compressor was in a safe zone and handled quite a high content of H2S.

Model 2EHA-2-LT/75-60 - Compressors Unit

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

These 2 units are the high pressure booster on a complex air supply line for a petrochemical plant. The final purpose is to treat the contaminated water from the ethylene plant. The compressors are in a classified area and, consequently, all electrical components are ATEX certified. The customer standards are in line with API618.

Model 1EHA-6-GT/105 - Natural Gas Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

This natural gas compressor allows the client to increase the pressure from the NG network to the required pressures of the 14MW turbine. The compressor and the turbine are parts of a cogeneration project.

Model 5EHA-6-LT - Water Treatment Plant

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

This compressor compresses air at high pressure for the water treatment (caustic soda) plant of a refinery. The supply included an intensive instrumentation as requested by the client.

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