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DMT Carborex - MS Biogas Upgrading System

by DMT Environmental Technology     based in Joure (NL), NETHERLANDS

As we are all aware, fossil fuels are depleting rapidly and the energy consumption is growing. Due to  increasing fossil fuel prices other types of fuels become more interesting. Nowadays technology enables us to use renewable fuels in an economically profitable way. An easy technique to produce fuel is the digestion of green waste; sewage ...

Biogas Plants

by Zorg Biogas AG     based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Biogas production is possible on biogas plants of very different scale. They can be small plants to produce energy for local needs or gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to public grid. Specially grown energy crops, agricultural industry wastes and many food wastes are all suitable for biogas production. Feedstock ...

Biogas Power Plant Technology

by Bentec Bioenergies SLU     based in SPAIN

Biogas is a mixture of gases produced by microbial digestion of organic matter under anaerobic conditions (without the presence of oxygen). This process is not immediate, but it goes through some stages: hydrolysis, acid genesis... to final methane genesis (methane generation). Each of these different phases is catalyzed by different bacteria. ...

Biogas Analysis

by BINDER Flow GmbH     based in Ulm, GERMANY

Even operators of small size biogas plants use more and more portable biogas analyzer, in order to examine several times daily their gas composition and the main and post digester as well as in front of the CHP. As long as the substrate composition does not change substantially, 2-3 daily measurements are surely sufficient during normal operation ...

Eucolino Compact Biogas Plant System

by Schmack Biogas GmbH     based in Schwandorf, GERMANY

Compact biogas plants from 50 – 100 kWThe compact, modular small-scale systemEUCOlino can now also be used by small operators for economical biogas production. Based on the EUCO technology, which has been proven many times in large plants, EUCOlino can be fl exibly adapted to your individual situation on site. This applies not only to the ...

CHP Biogas Plant

by Archea Biogastechnologie GmbH     based in Hessisch Oldendorf, GERMANY

In a combined heat and power plant (CHP), the heat generated and the generated electric energy can be used. Thereby a higher overall efficiency of the power generation plant is achieved. A distinction is made between current and heat-controlled CHP plant. Depending on the major need is the energy generation obtained via one source of energy or the ...

SUMA - Model Optimix 2G - Submersible Mixer for Biogas Digesters

by SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH     based in Sulzberg, GERMANY

This powerful ATEX certified submersible mixer (4.0, 9.0 or 15 kW) now offers even more possibilities to achieve optimal gas flow and mixing results in your biogas digester.

Biogas Heat Engines for Agriculture

by Quantalux, LLC     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

Quantalux is working on small “heat engines” for small dairy farmers based on anaerobic digesters. Manure from dairy farms can be digested to produce biogas, which in turn can be used to replace fossil-fuels on the farm. Our approach is to maximize the system efficiency so that farms with as few as 200 cows can operate a digester ...

BIOPAQ IC - Anaerobic COD Removal And Biogas Production

by Paques B.V.     based in Balk, NETHERLANDS

In the BIOPAQIC bioreactor, organic compounds are converted to biogas by bacteria in the absence of air. In this way, effluent discharge costs are reduced and at the same time green energy is produced.

BioBlend - Model AFC - Biogas Blender

by Aether DBS     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Biogas project economics depend upon maximizing the use of the biogas resource to generate project revenue (or savings) to offset development, construction and operating costs.  Many biogas facilities utilizing digesters have variable biogas outputs that depend upon the characteristics of the digested organic materials and operating ...

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