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Kurz - 454FTB-WGF - Insertion Mass Flow Meters (Single Point)

by Kurz Instruments, Inc.

The Series 454FTB-WGF represents the first thermal mass flow meter intended for use in Wet Gas and condensing environments. This product is specifically designed for Biogas measurements in digester and landfill applications. By utilizing advanced signal processing and sensor technology, the process flow signal is independent from the effects of ...

Kurz - 504FTB - Inline Mass Flow Meter

by Kurz Instruments, Inc.

The Series 504FTB utilizes the same Kurz MFTB Technology as above but is designed for applications where flow disturbances or line size changes is not an issue. The 504FTB has 10 models covering Mass Flow ranges to 1000 SCFM for inline sizes from ½” to 4” pipes.

Kurz - 534FTB - Inline Mass Flow Meter

by Kurz Instruments, Inc.

The Series 534FTB uses Kurz MFTB Technology with the advantages of built-in inlet/outlet piping reducers/expanders and exceptional immunity to upstream/downstream flow disturbances caused by elbows, valves and line size changes. This creative design eliminates the need for field fabrication and assembly of inlet and outlet mating pipe sizes. The ...

PurDirect - Biogas fuel

by Energy Recovery Associates

Low BTU gas conditioning for direct use, either heating, or Low BTU Genset electric production. Cleaned biogas for direct use. Harmful compounds removed to permit direct fueling of boilers, and heaters with low to medium BTU biogas. This is the lowest cost gas conditioning available where direct fuel use is feasible.

PurGas - High BTU fuel

by Energy Recovery Associates

PurGas converts biogas to pipeline quality methane, economically, and reliably. A membrane separation equipment system to produce pipeline quality natural gas from landfill gas, digester gas, and other low BTU methane sources, such as coal seams.


by Energy Recovery Associates

PurGest  converts LFG and Digester gas into clean, useable fuel. Patented Process, using patented, proven, guaranteed performance components. Removes harmful H2S, and Siloxanes. Provides redundant, continuous engine oil conditioning for maximum engine life.

FuelCell Energy - DFC300 (300 kW) - System

by FuelCell Energy Inc.

FuelCell Energy’s DFC300 system is a self-contained electrical power generation system capable of providing high-quality baseload power up to 300 kW, with 47% electrical efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other fuel cell products, DFCs internally reform readily available fuels such as natural gas and anaerobic digester gas ...

FuelCell Energy - DFC1500 (1.4 MW) - System

by FuelCell Energy Inc.

Fuelcell Energy’s DFC1500 system is a self-contained electrical power generation system capable of providing 1.4 MW of high-quality baseload power. The system has an electrical efficiency of 47%, giving it higher efficiency than other distributed generation plants of similar size with virtually no air pollution.Unlike other fuel ...

ABUTEC - High Temperature Flare (HTF)


ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flares are high quality, flexible, release low emissions, are BACT compliant, CSA approved, and able to burn very low calorific gas. The High Temperature Flare has been proven in all applications and is more cost competitive than traditional enclosed flares or vapor combustors. We save you money while meeting all ...

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