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Screw Biogas Compressors



Distillery Waste Biogas

by Clarke Energy

Alcohol for human consumption as alcoholic spirits and for industrial purposes is typically created via the distillation of weaker, biologically produced alcohols. Biologically produces alcohols derive from fermented mash of starchy plant matter such as grain, wheat, rye, rice, maize, molasses & potatoes.

Chemial NaOH Scrubbers

by Combustion Research Associates

BIOGAS from the digesters is raw and needs treatment before it can be utilized. Normally the gas has H2S from 500 ppm to 50,000 ppm, apart from some suspensions, foam, ammonia etc. the impurity depends on the source and digester technology. For power generation or biogas upgrading, further processing is required to dehumidify and compress to ...

Model 1000kw - Biogas Generator

by Jinan Guohua Greenpoweer Equipment Co.,Ltd

1000kw biogas generator: IG-CU automatic control module. Remote electronic or manual control. ISO9001, CE.

DVO - Anaerobic Digesters

by DVO, Inc.

The methane biogas is collected from the first two stages of the AD vessel and utilized for fuel in the combined heat and power (CHP) gensets. These gensets are commercially available, natural gas -fueled reciprocating engines modified to burn biogas. The electricity produced by these gensets can be used to offset on-farm power consumption; excess ...


by Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbH

Pro2’s modern technologies take advantage of the fermentation process in natural and organic substances to generate energy using a fuel that is both efficient and environmentally sound: biogas. The mixture of methane and carbon dioxide provides approx. 5.5 kWh/m3 under normal circumstances and offers a clean alternative to fossil fuels with ...

Biogas - Condensate Pots

by BioGas Products Ltd.

Biogas Products Ltd manufacture stainless steel condensate pots which can be configured to your specification. If you prefer, we can advise on the most appropriate size condensate pot based on the diameter of your pipework and gas flow. We can install condensate pots to any new or existing anaerobic digester site across the UK.

Biogas - Membrane Biogas Dome

by BioGas Products Ltd.

Biogas Products Ltd supply and install biogas domes to existing or new anaerobic digesters. Both concrete and steel tanks of any size and shape can be accommodated.

Biomethane Biogas Plant

by Archea Biogastechnologie GmbH

In a biogas plant, biogas is upgraded to biomethane and fed into a natural gas pipeline. The advantage of this system design is the fact that high efficiency is achieved with the use of energy. Biomethane can be, for example, fed in the open countryside and in existing heat sinks in urban centers, converted into electricity and heat.

Model 8500A - Biogas Control - Flame Traps

by EPCO Australia

The 8500A Flame Trap Assembly includes a Groth Model 7628 horizontal flame arrester and a Groth Model 8530 thermal operated shut-off valve. This unit is generally installed in gas lines leading from each wastewater treatment plant digester and gas holder. They are also installed in a line to gas utilization equipment, as close as possible to the ...

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