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by ENER-G     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Since 1980 ENER-G have undertaken all aspects of its Cogeneration (CHP) project in-house. From the initial design stage to long term care of the installation.

Alfagy - Model CHP - Poo Power Plant

by Alfagy Ltd.     based in Bledington, UNITED KINGDOM

Alfagy's digester gas, biogas and sewage gas CHP (cogeneration) and generators are easy and space-saving to install. In short, no reason to mess about - just 'plug and play' to generate heat and power!.

Alfagy - Model CHP - Natural Gas

by Alfagy Ltd.     based in Bledington, UNITED KINGDOM

Messing about is costly when your business is power generation. Alfagy's natural gas CHP (cogeneration) and generators are easy and space-saving to install. In short, no reason to mess about - just 'plug and play' to generate heat and power!.

Evaled AC - Model EW series - Shell and Tube Forced Circulation Hot/Cold Wastewater Evaporators

by EVALED     based in Zoppola (Pordenone), ITALY

EW - Wastewater Evaporator is the hot/cold water evaporator with forced circulation and external shell & tube heat exchanger. The heat necessary to boil the wastewater is supplied by hot water running into the heat exchanger; the cooling necessary to condensate the steam is supplied by cold water running into the heat exchanger at the top of ...

Pro2 - Natural Gas

by Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbH     based in Willich, GERMANY

Natural gas has the lowest CO2 emission value of all fossil fuels. With its well-developed supply system, this natural resource has an enormous potential to increase efficiency in the energy sector. Highly profitable energy generation with Pro2 natural gas CHP plants gives you independence from the power grid. Thanks to Pro2's advanced co-/and ...


by Costruzioni Nazzareno srl     based in Vacil di Breda di Piave (TV), ITALY

Biomass cogeneration is an energy optimizing process which produces combined electricity and heat in the form of hot water. A biomass cogeneration plant offers even more value for money if combined with a pellet production plant, as the recovered heat can be used in the drying process, considerably increasing the efficiency of the system. The ...

Natural Gas Cogeneration (CHP)

by SCHMITT ENERTEC GmbH     based in Mendig, GERMANY

RSCHMITT ENERTEC Natural Gas Cogeneration (CHP) units are equipped with high-class engineering capability; hence allowing for prompt & easy installation due to their compact design, integrated control, switchboard and electrically ventilated noise protection enclosure. 3- way catalysts affects exhaust gas cleaning with naturally aspirated ...

Cleanergy - Power and Heat From Natural Gas

by CLEANERGY AB     based in Göteborg, SWEDEN

Natural gas is a mixture of different combustible gases. While primarily formed by methane, it can also include ethane, propane, butane and carbon dioxide. Normally, natural gas has smaller levels of pollutants than biogas, but it can contain also hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, fluoride and oxygen.

Cleanergy - Model C9G - Landfill - Power Production Instead of Flaring

by CLEANERGY AB     based in Göteborg, SWEDEN

Cleanergy’s C9G Landfill offers a unique CHP solution for both operational landfills with high extraction of methane gas and covered landfills with low methane content. For landfills with high levels of contaminating siloxanes or low levels of methane gas, the challenge has previously been to utilize this energy source. Existing power ...

Cleanergy - Powering Gas Pipelines

by CLEANERGY AB     based in Göteborg, SWEDEN

A special application concerns the powering of equipment installed in connection with natural gas pipelines. Here, the heat and power is used to keep sensitive pipeline components at a suitable operational temperature and to provide electrical power to necessary pipeline equipment such as: Remote gate valves (RGV). Supervisory Control and Data ...

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