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Eurotherm - Burner

by SAACKE GmbH     based in Bremen, GERMANY

When short, uncomplicated planning and commissioning is important for standard applications or compact process firing systems (for example support firing systems with waste incineration plants), your first choice is the EUROTHERM series of pressure atomizers. With an integrated fan, optimized air flow and integrated fuel fittings, these burners ...

Model Tx - Burner Series

by SAACKE GmbH     based in Bremen, GERMANY

High operational reliability, compliance with emission regulations, and #31; exibility in terms of fuels and costs - even in the lower capacity range, these aspects have utmost importance. For this reason, SAACKE has introduced the Tx burner series. The compact burner is based on pressure jet technology and is available in three ...

Multi-Point Ground Flare (MPGF) Systems

by AEREON     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

When real estate is available, multi-point ground flare (MPGF) systems are an economical approach to smokeless combustion of large amounts of process gas. By inducing air to a large array of high-pressure burning points, smokeless combustion can be achieved with high turndown, while concealing all radiation within walls. MPGF systems provide ...

Model DB-010008 - Dryer System

by EX-FACTORY INC     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

One wood drying system consisting of the following described NEW items:New EX-FACTORY (8.5 ft x 25 ft) triple-pass rotary drum dryer with the following items:Trunion bases and trunion wheels;Drum drive with drive motor, Drum discharge fan with fan motor;Receiving cyclone with airlock and airlock drive motor and cyclone stand.Operator's ...

Fuel Cell System Oxidizer

by Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI)     based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The rapidly advancing fuel cell industry is persistently striving to become safer, less costly, and more efficient each day. PCI is supporting that mission with our unique burner technology. We are helping to pioneer fuel cell development by adapting our innovative burners to effectively complement emerging advances in the field.

Varec - Model 244W - Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System

by Varec Biogas     based in Cypress, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Varec 244W Series is a highly reliable flare and ignition system. It utilizes a patented pilot ignition system that mixes pilot gas and air at ground level to provide a robust, high temperature pilot. The pilot is ignited away from the flare stack. This reduces wear and tear and allows routine maintenance to be carried out without exposing the ...

Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU)

by AEREON     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

As an alternative to recovery, hydrocarbon vapors may be destroyed in a flare, combustor or a thermal oxidizer. For many applications, a device known as a combustor can be successfully used as a safe and economical method of controlling vapors from the handling, storage or loading of volatile liquid hydrocarbons or ethanol when recovery of the ...

Varec - Model 239A - 240HOA - Waste Gas Burner / Manual Ignition System

by Varec Biogas     based in Cypress, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Varec 239A Series Waste Gas Burner is designed for burning biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion process. Burning or flaring to the atmosphere reduces the potential odor nuisance from venting directly to the atmosphere. This burner is suitable for burning low volumes of biogas, which is typically very 'wet', with a low BTU value (between ...

Custom Packaged Burners

by Maxon Corporation- a Honeywell Company     based in Muncie, INDIANA (USA)

In addition to providing top quality components, MAXON also provides custom, complete engineered burner packages. In some industries or projects, it makes sense to leave the engineering and specification to MAXON's expert project engineers. We can supply complete burner packages to integrate smoothly on your equipment to meet all the applicable ...

Ulma - Model 3000 TCA - Biomass Pellet Burner

by Ulma AB     based in Svenljunga, SWEDEN

The ULMA-burner can be mounted on most boilers on the market today via the enclosed mounting sleeve coupling. The burner is equipped with a PLC system that handles the operations and burner safety controls.

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