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Model 97310 - Enclosed Flare

by Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)

The S&J 97310 Enclosed Burner removes harmful emissions from waste gas streams. This unit is specifically designed to bring emissions levels to within allowable limits as dictated by customer requirements or governmental bodies such as the EPA. Every unit is designed for maximum destruction efficiency for each application’s process ...

Enclosed Flares

by Pollution Systems

An Enclosed Flare is a thermal oxidizer specially configured to handle high VOC streams. The Oxidizer is typically designed to accommodate the high energy process discharge stream with excess air for combustion. The heat value of the process stream is significant and can potentially be able to provide most of the necessary temperature / energy for ...

Totally Enclosed Ground Flare

by Callidus Technologies - a Honeywell Company

The Callidus TEGF flare system consists of a refractory lined cylindrical flare structure designed to have combustion take place within the cylinder. This type of enclosed flare system was originally designed to eliminate the light and noise from the flaring of waste gases. This flare has been used extensively in the combustion of waste gases from ...

Enclosed Ground Flares

by Parnel Biogas, Inc.

The enclosed ground flare is used in applications that required a non-visible flame,where space is limited, populated areas, and increase in destruction efficiency is required. This can be accomplished by utilizing temperature control on the enclosed ground flare.Enclosed flares can be free standing or skid mounted depending on the size. The ...

Enclosed Ground Flare Systems

by Baker Furnace, Inc.

Baker Furnace is a leading-edge manufacturer of Enclosed Ground Flare systems (also described in the industry as Methane Combustors, Vapor Combustors, or Thermal Oxidizers) for oil field methane abatement.

Enclosed Waste Gas Flares

by MRW Technologies, Inc.

The principal engineers at MRW have experience with over 1,000 installations of waste gas flares. MRW designs enclosed flares for virtually any waste gas stream regardless of composition or flow rate of gases.

MRW Enclosed Vapor Combustors/Flares

by MRW Technologies, Inc.

MRW vapor combustors maintain a burner that fires into a refractory lined, self-supported combustion chamber that totally encloses the resulting flame. MRW's refractory is resistant to thermal shock and does not require curing. Sufficient retention time is provided to completely burn all the hydrocarbon vapors. Higher destruction efficiencies can ...

ABUTEC - Siloxane Flare


ABUTEC’s Siloxane Flares are high quality, flexible, provide low emissions, are BACT compliant, CSA approved and able to burn very low calorific gas. When you need to purify landfill waste gas, our Siloxane Flare is an ideal solution and has been proven and tested time and time again.

ABUTEC - Model 20 - Oil & Gas Processing Flares


Oil & gas Production, gas processing flares, dehy facilities, tank batteries and tank farms are all moving toward enclosed combustors (i.e. vapor combustors) that can work without electricity and are reliable. New EPA regulations, 40 CFR 60, subpart OOOO, require tested and certified enclosed combustors on all storage tanks sites. ...

ABUTEC - Model 100 - Oil & Gas Processing Flares


Oil & Gas Production, Gas Processing Flares, Dehy Facilities, Tank Batteries and Tank Farms are all moving toward Enclosed Combustors (i.e. Vapor Combustors) that can work without electricity and are reliable. New EPA regulations, 40 CFR 60, subpart OOOO, require tested and certified enclosed combustors on all storage tanks sites. ...

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