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Enclosed Ground Flares Combustidizer

by Flare Industries LLC

The Combustidizer Enclosed Ground Flare is a temperature controlled system, that allows for reduced flame visibility, minimal heat and noise, real-time emissions sampling, and smokeless combustion. Combustidizers may require supplemental assist gas streams depending on whether the process stream can sustain combustion or not. Moreover, these ...

Fully Enclosed Ground Flares

by Flare Industries LLC

The Enclosed Ground Flare destroys a waste stream, but does not maintain a constant temperature while doing so, simplifying the control scheme, and allowing the overall system to be more economical. These systems allow for reduced flame visibility, minimal heat and noise, real-time emissions sampling, and smokeless combustion. These flares may ...

ABUTEC - Medium Temperature Ground Flare (MTF)


Are you looking for CDM compliance? Do you need an economical and trustworthy solution to combust your waste gas? ABUTEC’s MTF is a standard enclosed flare capable of meeting state and federal regulations while offering you significant cost savings both upfront and during operation. This flare is proven throughout the world and is scalable ...

Multi-Point Ground Flare (MPGF) Systems

by Flare Industries LLC

When real estate is available, multi-point ground flare (MPGF) systems are an economical approach to smokeless combustion of large amounts of process gas. By inducing air to a large array of high-pressure burning points, smokeless combustion can be achieved with high turndown, while concealing all radiation within walls. MPGF systems provide ...

Shand & Jurs Biogas - 97301 - Waste Gas Flare

by Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)

The S&J 97301 Waste Gas Burner is specifically designed for dependable “Flaring” operation that utilizes low BTU anaerobic digester waste gases. The 97301 efficiently incinerates waste gases thus minimizing odors and VOC’s. Using a stoichiometric pilot ignition system, the 97301 is able to acheive a stable pilot flame. Air ...

Ground Flares

by I.T.A.S. S.p.A.

Ground flares conform to the general requirement that flaring and disposal may take place at low level.
 In populated areas ground flares are now used to burn gas without smoke and with no visible flame. This has led to the development of a range of equipment based on the furnace designs in which combustion is shielded from view thereby ...

Enclosed Ground Flares

by Parnel Biogas, Inc.

The enclosed ground flare is used in applications that required a non-visible flame,where space is limited, populated areas, and increase in destruction efficiency is required. This can be accomplished by utilizing temperature control on the enclosed ground flare.Enclosed flares can be free standing or skid mounted depending on the size. The ...

Totally Enclosed Ground Flare

by Callidus Technologies - a Honeywell Company

The Callidus TEGF flare system consists of a refractory lined cylindrical flare structure designed to have combustion take place within the cylinder. This type of enclosed flare system was originally designed to eliminate the light and noise from the flaring of waste gases. This flare has been used extensively in the combustion of waste gases from ...

GWE - Biogas Flares

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)

All anaerobic plants, must be equipped with a biogas flare, for safety reasons. GWE flares are designed to operate at low to medium pressure (<50 mbar), without the need for a biogas fan and for continuous burning in a wide range of biogas flows (5-100 %). This avoids the need for biogas storage systems (e.g. balloons) and keeps the biogas ...

Biogas Flare Stacks

by PROGECO S.r.l.

PROGECO has a long-term experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment and systems for combustion of biogas. The wide range of available products features open flares (ground and elevated), as well as enclosed ground flares. All flares are characterized by simple end effective design, reliable equipment and ease of ...

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