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Multiwave - Model ECO - Microwave Digestion System

by Anton Paar USA, Inc.

Multiwave ECO is a quick and convenient microwave digestion system. It works with the well-established Rotor 64MG5 and Rotor 1DRY and is equipped with the brand-new Rotor 16HVT50. This rotor has a superior design for pressure-activated-venting which simplifies your routine digestion of environmental and food samples. The low investment and ...

Multiwave - Model GO - Microwave Digestion System

by Anton Paar USA, Inc.

The Multiwave GO microwave digestion system represents a masterstroke of Anton Paar's engineering. The newly designed DMC Directed Multimode Cavity provides the best of both monomode and multimode microwaves. As in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed to the sample, providing highly efficient heating in a small-footprint system. As in a ...

Multiwave - Model PRO - Microwave Digestion System

by Anton Paar USA, Inc.

The Multiwave PRO microwave reaction system serves two groups: professionals in trace analysis and synthetic chemistry. The instrument delivers the high-quality solutions you need in sample preparation to obtain excellent trace analysis results even with complicated, demanding samples. In synthetic chemistry it provides neat reaction products from ...

Novawave - Model FA - Automated Microwave Digestion


A Fully Automated NOVAWAVE Microwave Tunnel Digestion System with all the software and operational parameters employed in the Model SA; plus the Transporter, Auto-Cooling and Auto-Venting Stations to complete the automation. The Model FA provides unattended, automatic processing of up to 14 racks totalling 168 samples.

Novawave - Model SA - Automated Microwave Digestion


A Stand Alone NOVAWAVE Microwave Tunnel Digestion System with all available software and operational parameters including the flexibility of unique, individual method assignments for each sample in a 12 sample rack.

TOPEX - Microwave Digestion System

by PreeKem Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd

TOPEX microwave digestion system is the impressive product made by PreeKem, it has ideally combined advanced microwave technology and use-friendly operation system, and it also owns remarkable exterior design and strong image system. This product can fully satisfy needs for digestion, extraction and synthesis, offer users more convenient and ...

IMUS - Integrated bioMass Utilization System

by Himark bioGas Inc

Highmark’s internationally patented Integrated bioMass Utilization System (IMUS™) recovers energy and nutrients from organic wastes such as manure from livestock operations, food residues, and municipal wastes.

IMUS-m - Industrial Digester Core Process

by Himark bioGas Inc

IMUS™-m is a fully operational mobile replica of the industrial IMUS™ Digester Core process. The unit features two 3m3 digesters that can be operated thermophilically or mesophilically. A functional bioGas laboratory located inside the mobile unit accurately measures digestion conditions and bioGas yield to optimize available organic substrates ...

DVO - Anaerobic Digesters

by DVO, Inc.

The methane biogas is collected from the first two stages of the AD vessel and utilized for fuel in the combined heat and power (CHP) gensets. These gensets are commercially available, natural gas -fueled reciprocating engines modified to burn biogas. The electricity produced by these gensets can be used to offset on-farm power consumption; excess ...

Model C/F 4003 - Industrial Grease Digester

by AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Formula Type: Dry - Product Description: Industrial grease digester, contains NO surfactants - for use in waste treatment plants and food processing industry.. Contains 10 gram-positive Bacillus strains and 4 gram-negative strains. Total count 5 billion CFU per gram.(2.27 trillion CFU/lb).

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