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Harter Airgenex - Drying System


With the HARTER Airgenex drying system, nearly all products from the following sectors can be dried: Electroplating. Paint industry (pre-treatment and paint drying). Metal processing industry. Plastics industry. Food industry. Wood processing industry. Cleaning industry.

Waste Drying

by Systems 4 Recycling Limited

Whilst we have systems in operation running well on MSW material streams, without drying facilities the realisation of waste as RDF can be, whilst successful, quite limited. Over the years we have worked with the leaders in two areas of material drying and offer both fully enclosed in-tunnel systems and fully covered membrane technology. Both ...

ANDRITZ - FDS - Fluid Bed Drying System

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group

The fluid bed drying system with direct feeding converts dewatered sludge into almost dust-free granules with > 90% DS. The thermal heat for evaporation of the water is transferred indirectly by a heat exchanger immersed in the fluid bed. The fluid bed dryer is integrated into an inert gas loop system.

DDS - Drum Drying System

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group

The ANDRITZ drum drying system, DDS, dries and granulates different types of municipal, industrial, and agricultural sludges. The dewatered sludge is granulated in a mixer tailored to the application. It is then dried in the triple-pass drum (three concentric cylinders revolving around a joint axis) in a convective drying process to < 10% ...

Horizon - SDS-101 - Solvent Drying System

by Horizon Technology, Inc.

The SDS-101 Solvent Drying System simplifies and speeds up the solvent drying step in sample preparation. The system consists of the DryDisk Separation Membrane, PTFE Membrane Holder Assembly, precision controlled Vacuum Regulator, and Docking Bracket Assembly.

Paint Drying System

by Hygrex Technologies Inc.

Hygrex Closed Loop Waterborne Paint Drying System dry's without the use of heat. The Super Dry Air generated from the Hygrex system allows the water to be drawn from the inner to outer layer of the paint coat.  The Hygrex Drying System eliminates the use of gas fired burners in the flash off stage, improving the rate of drying and eliminating ...

Municipal Waste Drying System

by Vandenbroek Thermal Processing B.V.

New designs for mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste are developed all over the world, due to (changing) environmental legislation. Waste treatment generally consists of several processes, such as waste separation, waste drying and stabilization.(Municipal) waste treatment plants demand high-quality equipment in order to safeguard a ...

AVA - HTC-E Series - Single-Sid Bearing System

by AVA- Huep GmbH u. Co. KG

With the horizontal single shaft dryer type HTC-E, AVA once again presents innovative machine engineering in the field of mixing and drying technology. The challenges experienced by AVA during the developing have been particulary due to the high temperature range, the defined centricity of the main shaft with the mixer tools and a single-sided ...

Sludge Dryers - Drying

by Claro Environmental Technologies & Equipment

Claro supplies biogas-fired and electrical sludge drying equipment in conjunction with its anaerobic digestion systems. Dryers further reduce the volume of sludges before transport and disposal and form a possible next step after the volume reduction and energy recovery delivered by the anaerobic digestion process.

HYGREX - Parts Drying Heat Dryers

by Hygrex Technologies Inc.

Conventional heat dryers raise, with the help of heat exchangers, large quantities of air from a low to a high temperature level. By this increase in temperature the air due to physical characteristics is capable to take up moisture. Thus the hot air withdraws the moisture of the parts to be dried. The only way to remove the moisture from the ...

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