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Energy Recovery

by MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company

The search for new energy sources has become a major issue in our desire to preserve our environment.

Model 20 kW - Wind Turbine

by Environmental Solutions

The 20 Kw wind turbine is a powerful energy producer, and will handle energy needs for a large homes, or commercial buildings, even farm, or small industry facilities. The power production curve soars as wind speeds increase, so if your 'winds' are good, the answer is 'Blowin' in the wind' for you! Talk about a 'Leeds' benefit, this unit reduces ...

Potable Water Production

by Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC)

Potable water production is a natural by-product of the open cycle power production in an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system. In a closed-cycle OTEC system, potable water can also be produced by diverting some of the electricity output to a desalination facility located adjacent to the OTEC plant. Regardless of whether such plant uses a ...

Solar Thermal Power Generation

by Hiro Energy-Tech Limited

Solar thermal power plants produce electricity in much the same way as conventional power stations. The difference is that they obtain their energy input by concentrating solar radiation and converting it to high temperature steam or gas to drive a turbine or engine. Four main elements are required: a concentrator, a receiver, some form of heat ...

Heat recovery systems

by Fabdec Ltd

The SMART-HEAT range is available from 220 to 2,000 litres as a standard range and up to six condensing units can be connected to a single SMART-HEAT. Manufactured from duplex stainless steel SMART-HEAT contains no moving parts making it virtually maintenance free and fully compliant with British & European Standards.

Heat Recovery Systems

by Finn Geotherm

Heat recovery systems are designed to take the heat out of warmed stale air, and then use this heat to preheat incoming fresh air.  This allows modern buildings to avoid stuffiness, without having to open windows, thus wasting energy. Systems can also have the option of cooling incoming air during warmer summer months.  Ideally this ...

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

by Cool Energy Inc

Waste heat is created as a by-product of industrial processes.  Anywhere there is an industrial process that involves transforming raw materials into useful products – steel mills, paper plants, refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas pipelines, pollution control equipment, and general manufacturing — heat is wasted as a result. ...

ATA - Heat Recovery System

by ATA Engineering Srl

The term heat recovery has a precise meaning: to use the available heat, instead of dispersing it in the environment. Heat recovery systems work in two different ways: The first, the easiest and the most immediate, is through the heat exchange between the hot mass and the mass to be heated, for example boiler fumes, power generation exhaust gas ...

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

by Kaojai Green Energy

Kaojai Green believes in “best practice” when it comes to all our waste energy recovery designs. We also believe in the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle too. Sure some installations will require much more in design, engineering and application. What we want to do in this article is to show you a very simple and basic application of a waste heat ...

Baviera - Condensate Heat Recovery Systems

by Enersol Flomar Ltd.

The production of steam, or the 'steam process' means that condensate at high temperature is returned to the boiler make-up tank and the greater part of the heat energy contained is simply wasted by being released into the atmosphere. This means that the energy taken to heat the water, together with the expensive chemical treatments and any ...

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