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ABUTEC - Heat Recovery Unit


Do you have a use for the waste gas being burned? Can you increase your plant’s efficiency by using waste heat? ABUTEC can engineer systems capable of giving you the heat! Contact us today to discuss your needs. Typical configurations include either utilizing the flare stack as a heat transfer / heat exchanger or transferring up to 100 ...

Heat Recovery Ventilation

by Advantage Home Energy

Heat recovery ventilation systems are the contolable and efficient answer to many problems in a tighly sealed modern home. Families create water vapour by showering cooking washing and breathing. In highly insulated and sealed modern homes this moisture must be extracted to prevent damage to the fabric of the building from condensation and mould. ...

Gas Coolers

by Hamon USA

Thermal Transfer Corporation gas coolers find the widest application in the area of environmental control, where hot dirty emissions from industrial processes must be cooled for entry into pollution control equipment. Most of our coolers employ ambient air as the cooling medium, although water-cooled units are furnished as well. A prime ...

Model IC60 ORC-Module - Biogas Waste Heat Recovery

by GMK-Gesellschaft für Motoren und Kraftanlagen mbH

The IC60 ORC-module is an Organic Rankine Cycle system that produces electricity from waste heat of biogas engines. Up to now this heat had to be discharged unused. The basic principal of the IC60 ORC-module is the organic thermodynamic cycle (Organic Rankine Cycle) where instead of water an organic medium patented by GMK performs mechanical work. ...

Heat Recovery Ventilator

by Climate Controls Limited

Designed to provide ventilation with heat recovery the HRV is the most cost effective solution for broiler house heat recovery. The system is modular and so adapts to suit any size of broiler house. The HRV ventilates whilst transferring heat energy from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air via a plate heat exchanger. In practical ...

Heat Recovery Units

by Turboden srl

Turboden ORC technology is particularly suitable for producing electric energy by recovering heat from industrial processes and combined cycle systems. Turboden turbogenerators electric power output generally ranges between 400 kW and 5 MW.

Source-Energy Pipe

by Renewable Resource recovery Corp.

The @Source-Energy Pipe system provides heating and cooling for buildings, with an energy efficiency ranging from 400 to 500%. @Source-Energy Pipes are manufactured from reinforced precast concrete functioning as a standard sewer pipe and as a heat recovery system providing heating and cooling to the building. Precast concrete pipes are custom ...

Model OU-195 - Heat Recovery Steam Generators

by RAFAKO SA Boiler Engineering Company

Combined cycle units achieve the highest efficiency values. Major elements of such units include gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine. The combustion of gas takes place in a gas turbine, which powers the generator. Turbine exhaust gas is directed to heat recovery steam generator. Steam generated by HRSG powers the steam ...

Heat Energy Recovery

by Dioxide Pacific Consulting Engineers

If swimming pool backwash water is discharged to sewer or used for irrigation, the energy used to heat that water is also wasted. The CircleClear system allows this heat energy to be recovered.

Air to Hot Water Recovery

by L&E America

Hot water produced in an oxidizer stack coil can be used for boiler make-up water, building heat or the process producing the VOC.

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