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Fin Coil Recovery (FCR)

by Cain Industries, Inc.     based in Germantown, WISCONSIN (USA)

Data without a Cain System: Combustion source:  500 HP Steam Boiler. Heat Sink: Process Water  . Waste Exhaust Temp:  400 °F. Water Temp Inlet: 120 °F. Btu/hr Burner Input: 20,922,000. Fuel Type: Natural Gas. O2 Content:  3%. Excess Air: 18%. Fuel Cost Per Therm:  $0.60. Annual Operating Hours: 6,000.

Heat Recovery Systems (HRS) Equipment

by MECS     based in Chesterfield, MISSOURI (USA)

Our focus on innovation and continuous improvement results in the industry’s most comprehensive line of equipment and solutions for Heat Recovery Systems (HRS). MECS provides engineering and equipment that not only lower corrosion and minimize mist generation, but also dramatically increase energy recovery. In fact, our solutions provide ...

waste heat recovery system of heat-setting machine

by shaoxing dongfang energy engineering technology co.,ltd     based in shaoxing, CHINA

Waste heat recovery device adopt heat exchanger to transfer the heat energy in high temperature exhaust gas to air (water), and those hot air (water) could be used for production and daily living .Concerning the production process of printing&dyeing industry, here mainly introduce the method for heating fresh air by the way of recovering exhaust ...

PureCell - Model 5 System - Generates

by ClearEdge Power     based in Palm Desert, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our energy solutions are complete. The ClearEdge Power team will support you through the decision process, the cost-analysis, the design, installation and on-going operation and maintenance. The highly efficient PureCell Model 5 system generates 5 kW of assured electrical power, plus 21,000 Btu/hour of heat output for combined heat and power (CHP) ...

Rentech - Waste Heat Recovery Boilers Systems

by Rentech Boilers     based in Abilene, TEXAS (USA)

RENTECH BOILER SYSTEMS offers a full range of custom-designed waste heat recovery boiler systems to meet the most demanding project requirements. RENTECH is known for its capabilities to provide custom-engineered solutions for the following applications. We offer a full range of boilers capable of producing up to 400,000 lb/hr steam with typical ...

Model H - Steel Economisers

by Clyde Bergemann Power Group     based in Wesel, GERMANY

Since the early 1960’s Clyde Bergemann Australia has built a reputation as experienced thermal engineers in the field of heat recovery. Steel ‘H’ and Double ‘H’ economisers have been adapted to  a wide variety of applications. Applications that include feedwater and steam reheaters in coal fired boilers, ...

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

by Desiccant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd. (DRI)     based in New Delhi, INDIA

DRI Energy Recovery Ventilators are equipped with EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheels (HRW); capable of recovering more than upto 75% of each sensible and latent energy from the stale exhaust air and transferring it to the fresh outside air. The rotating wheel transfers the sensible and latent energy between the counter flowing exhaust and supply air ...

Heat Recovery Ventilator

by Climate Controls Limited     based in Guernsey, UNITED KINGDOM

Designed to provide ventilation with heat recovery the HRV is the most cost effective solution for broiler house heat recovery. The system is modular and so adapts to suit any size of broiler house. The HRV ventilates whilst transferring heat energy from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air via a plate heat exchanger. In practical ...

Energy Managment & Recovery System

by Technical Design & Marketing (TDM) Service     based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Energy has always been an important component for manufacturing facilities. With toda’s rising costs and long term uncertainties, no one can really afford to waste any of this precious resource. We can work with you to identify any such waste and assist you in recovering it.

Waste 2 Energy Recovery

by Kaojai Green Energy     based in Surin, THAILAND

In a presentation about waste energy recovery systems, also known as “Waste 2 Energy” recovery systems, one of the attending consultants asked me this: in simple words can you tell me what’s the real benefit with W2E systems and why are they not being used on more projects?Well the only comparison I could come up with quickly was this: W2E systems ...

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