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Methane Carbon Isotope Analyzer

by Los Gatos Research     based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Due to its rugged, field-portable packaging, the Methane Carbon Isotope Analyzer is ideally suited for energy exploration, biogas production and for studies of anaerobic digestion, methanogenic bacteria, methane hydrates, hydrothermal vent effluents, and other applications involving isotopic ratios in methane. The Analyzer provides parts per mil ...

Clean Coal

by Bio Energy Africa     based in Brooklyn Square, SOUTH AFRICA

Global demand for energy, will ensure that coal not only maintains its role as primary energy medium but will infact increase its share of total global energy demand. Ever increasing demands on finite stocks of petroleum based resources coupled with upward price volatility has resulted in users having to look at alternate ways of fulfilling their ...

Tar Balls Net

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Our GEI tar balls net for oil spill cleanup applications is a floating system and can be deployed easily. This tarball net system allows sand to drop through and has the intent to capture tar balls over a specific size.

Uranium & Coal Sorting

by TOMRA Sorting (CommodasUltrasort)     based in Wedel, GERMANY

At CommodasUltrasort, our flexible sorting systems function effectively with an extremely wide variety of material streams. They successfully perform an extensive range of sorting tasks and are able to save our clients money. Together with our customers, we are committed to finding alternatives that will avoid valuable material simply being ...

Fuel Cells

by Environmental Products & Technologies Corp. (EPTC)     based in Visalia, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our fuel cell have been developed by a leading developer and manufacturer of clean and efficient electric power generators based on the company's Direct FuelCell (DFC) technology. These products are quite simply the most efficient and cleanest means of generating electricity using our abundant supplies of opportunity fuels such as biogas purified ...

Diesel Fuel

by Aurora Algae, Inc.     based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The world’s demand for diesel will increase from 24 million barrels per day in 2009 to 34 million barrels per day by the year 2030.* Increased demand is based primarily on key transport and industry uses as well as an increased affinity for diesel vehicles in developing countries. Our dependence on petroleum for fueling the ...

Fossil-Fuel Generation

by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)     based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

TVA's 11 coal-fired generating facilities became the backbone of the power system in the 1950s, when TVA first began building coal plants to make electricity for the Tennessee Valley region. TVA's fossil system also includes 98 generators powered by combustion turbines. These generators can be quickly started and are vital for meeting peak ...

ABN - Model GLQ Series - Oil Purification Systems

by ABN Denmark     based in Greve, DENMARK

Application scope for oil: SO VG22 ~ VG220. Operation Pressure: < 500KPa. After Purification: Option a. Mechanical Admixture: Visual Transparent; Option b. Mechanical Admixture: Level NAS6; Option c. Mechanical Admixture: Level NAS2; Models base on Flow Rate: GLQ 100: 100 L/minute. GLQ 200: 200 L/minute. GLQ 800: 800 L/minute.

ABN - Model DJZTE-D, DJZTE-Y Series - Oil Purification Systems

by ABN Denmark     based in Greve, DENMARK

Application scope for oil: ISO VG15 ~ VG100. Operation Temperature: 30o~70o. Operation Pressure: < 300KPa. Maximum Vacuum:-95Kpa. After Purification: Mechanical Admixture:Level NAS6. Moisture in Oil:80PPm. Oil Status: Transparent. Models base on Flow Rate: DJZTE-D 100: 100 L/minute. DJZTE-D 200: 200 L/minute. DJZTE-D 300: 300 L/minute. DJZTE-D ...

ABN - Model CGJT Series - Oil Purification Systems

by ABN Denmark     based in Greve, DENMARK

Application scope for oil: ISO VG15 ~ VG46. Operation Temperature: 30o~70o. Operation Pressure: < 300KPa. After Purification: Mechanical Admixture:Level NAS7. Moisture in Oil:100PPm. Oil Status: Transparent. Models base on Flow Rate: CGJT 100: 100 L/minute. CGJT 150: 150 L/minute. CGJT 200: 200 L/minute. CGJT 300: 300 L/minute. Optional ...

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