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Oxford Instruments - Model X-MET7000 Series (EDXRF) - Handheld XRF Analyser

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis     based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM

The X-MET7000 Series handheld XRF analyser is the flexible & easy to use tool of choice for elemental analysis in a wide range of industries. Based on the proven technique of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), the X-MET7000 Series is engineered for high performance and reliability, guaranteeing fast, non-destructive materials ...

Model 1010 - Cross Duct CO Gas Analyser

by Codel International Ltd     based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM

The Model 1010 is a single channel cross-duct analyser for the measurement of CO. It uses an infrared transmitter to project a beam of light across the duct to a receiver mounted opposite. The light beam is tuned to a specific wavelength where the CO molecules absorb the light energy but there is no interference from water vapour and other gases. ...

Narda - Model 8532-60 - Gaussmeter Measures Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

The Narda Model 8532-60 Gaussmeter measures Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) magnetic fields. Ideal for usage in industrial hygiene and safety applications, this portable instrument accurately quantifies the strength of the overall magnetic field at a particular location, and can also be used to determine the ...


by Silixa Ltd     based in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM

Our distributed solutions are custom tailored to monitor and analyse fracturing, quantify zonal contribution, and flow profiling.

ZRE - Model NDIR - O2 Analyser for Single Infrared Light Beam

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

The ZRE NDIR analyser is based on the infrared absorption characteristics of gases. Using a single infrared beam to measure gas concentrations, this analyser produces highly stable and reliable results. A single infrared light beam is modulated by a chopper system and passed through a sample cell of predetermined length containing the gas sample ...

CETAC - Model G2 - Analyte Excimer Laser Ablation System

by Teledyne CETAC Technologies     based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

CETAC Technologies and Photon Machines Inc. have launched the next generation of excimer laser ablation system, the G2, which includes the acclaimed HelEx 2-volume sample cell and its unique adaptive inner cell. This new generation of Analyte system delivers finely controlled, flat (homogenized) ablations with high sensitivity and split second ...

FluoroCheck - Model II - Benchtop ppm Oil in Water Monitor

by Arjay Engineering Ltd.     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The FluoroCheck offers a fast and easy approach to the measurement of hydrocarbon oils in water. Filtered light energy targets the aromatic component of the water sample and measures the hydrocarbon fluorescence. Through an Arjay or site specific calibration, this aromatic tag is correlated to a total oil reading of your sample.

Energy Systems

by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland     based in Espoo, FINLAND

We are an internationally recognized and strongly networked developer of energy systems and energy technologies which support sustainable climate and energy policy. Climate change experts participate in analyses of international climate policy and emission trading. Modelling long-term scenarios gives support to policymakers in their work with ...


by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

The HBV model is a well-known model for the calculation and modelling of flows. The calculations are carried out on a calibrated river with observations for water level and volume of discharge and with observations and forecasts for precipitation and temperature. IHMS is the user interface which makes the modelling work easier.


by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

WebHyPro provides excellent decision support for people/decision-makers who are dependent on different weather and water parameters for their business operations. The system presents meteorological and hydrological observations, model calculations and forecasts in real time. WebHyPro is web based and easy to reach for the user.

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