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RIO - Modular Disinfection System

by MIOX Corporation

60 ? 300 lb/day MOS 100 ? 500 lb/day HYPO Leading the industry in salt and energy conversion, the RIO can ensure the lowest life-cycle cost for your facility!

Proco Style - 271 - Single Super Wide Arch

by Proco Products, Inc.

Proco Style 271, Rubber Expansion Joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces.

Sitelab - TD-500D - Portable Field Analyzer

by Sitelab Corporation

Light weight, hand held instrument used for testing soil, sediment or water. Ideal for samples contaminated with crude oils, heavy fuel oil, waste oils, creosote, coal tar or bitumen. Not recommended for gasoline, jet fuel, gas condensates or other light hydrocarbons. PAH and TPH calibration kits are available to use with TD-500D. Detection limits ...

RO-200 Series - Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

by Pure Aqua, Inc.

One of our most popular series, the RO-200 units are great for most standard and individual commercial needs. This unit usually comes standard with multimedia and activated carbon pre-filters, a water softener with brine tank, and a UV sterilizer. This unit can also be customized to add chemical dosing, feed and back wash pumps, antiscalant and ...

Eco-Tec Recoflo - Ion Exchange Water Softeners

by Eco-Tec Inc.

Recoflo Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs up to 40%, use less brine and water for regeneration and deliver less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness. Lower regenerant use means less waste is generated and the compact design makes it ideal for retrofit applications. The shorter cycle times eliminates biological fouling ...

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil's Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions that are often discharged from industrial processes. The RCO achieves emission destruction through the process of thermal and catalytic oxidation, converting the pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor ...

Purolite - IP3 - Interface between Cation and Anion resins in Trilite Systems - White

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite IP3 is an inert polymer in the form of spheres with a narrow size range. It has been especially designed for use in the Trilite system where it acts as a spacer to facilitate separation of the specially graded Trilite cation and anion components and thereby prevent cross contamination in the regeneration process. The polymer has both ...

Purolite - NRW100QR - For Circuit Conditioning And Control

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite NRW100QR is a nuclear grade, strong acid self indicating cation exchange resin, incorporating color change indication of exhaustion (Resin turns red on exhaustion). While it has a wide scale usage in many applications, it is primarily used in power stations to monitor condensate quality. Located in transparent tube/column on condensate ...

Purolite - NRW100 - Nuclear Grade Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite NRW100 is a nuclear grade strong acid cation exchange resin especially designed for the removal of cations including radioactive isotopes from aqueous solutions. The product contains extremely low levels of other metal cations and is carefully converted to the hydrogen form. It may be mixed in the desired ratio with the strong base anion ...

Microlite - PrCN - Condensate Polishing - Precoat - Powdered Cation - NH4+ Form

by Purolite Corporation

Microlite PrCN is a premium grade powdered cation exchange resin made from Purolite NRW100 (strong acid cation, 8% DVB ) which has been regenerated to the ammonia form. Since we manufacture Purolite NRW100 from its monomer components ( styrene and DVB ), we are able to maintain the highest standards of production and to consistently provide a ...

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