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Stevens LI-COR - Model LI-200SA - Pyranometer Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

The LI-200 Pyranometer is designed for field measurement of global solar radiation in agricultural, meteorological, and solar energy studies. In clear unobstructed daylight conditions, the LI-COR pyranometer compares favorably with first class thermopile type pyranometers but is priced at a fraction of the cost.

Power Plant Fuel Conditioning Skid

by AXI International     based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA)

This automated Algae-X Fuel Oil Conditioning System is custom engineered to decontaminate and condition all fuel for a Power Plant equipped with GE Turbines. It is a continuous duty, fully automated system that provides optimal quality fuel with < 50 ppm at < 5 micron of contaminant and < 200 ppm of water. The skid is equipped with wo ...

Delta-T - Model BF5 - Sunshine Sensor

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Measures global and diffuse radiation, and sunshine duration, PAR reference sensor for SunScan System, No moving parts, shade rings or motorised tracking, Outputs can be PAR (mmol.m-2.s-1), Energy (W.m-2) or Lux, New model includes heater as standard.

Energy Monitoring

by Jekyll Electronic Technology Ltd     based in UNITED KINGDOM

Meet ELMO, meaning vigilant and secure, describing exactly the purpose of our ELMO-IT energy monitoring range of wireless and data loggers.You’re switching off your PCs when not in use. You use motion detectors to control the lighting in the offices. The thermostats have been turned down a degree. How else can you improve energy ...

THERMOX - Model WDG-IVM/IQ - Smart Flue Gas Analyzers

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The WDG-IVM analyzer measures oxygen, combustibles and methane in natural gas-fired applications. It is ideal for gas-fired power boilers or for those using natural gas during start-up and shutdown. With this analyzer, you can monitor oxygen and combustibles for maximum fuel efficiency. In addition, the methane detector can be used for purge and ...

Model HC5IM - FID Total Hydrocarbon and Total VOC Analyzer

by Envitech Bohemia s.r.o.     based in Prague 6, CZECH REPUBLIC

The analyzer uses the principle of flame ionization detection (FID) to measure the concentration of hydrocarbons in air. The analyzer's electrometer measures the current generated by the ionization of the carbon atoms in the flame fueled by a hydrogen/air mixture. To distinguish between 'total' and ''non-methane' hydrocarbons, an optional ...

Management of High-Yielding Brownfield Solar Generation Assets

by Longsol     based in Madrid, SPAIN

Longsol specialises in the ownership and management of high-yielding brownfield solar generation assets in Western Europe and the US, and is primarily focused on: Operating tasks: Condition Monitoring. Operations & Maintenance Management. End of warranty inspection. Verification of performance (energy output). Failure analysis. Field ...

Kipp & Zonen - Model SP Lite2 - Silicon Pyranometer for Routine Measurement of Solar Radiation

by Kipp & Zonen     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

SP Lite2 is ideal for measuring available energy for use in solar energy applications, plant growth, thermal convection and evapotranspiration. SP Lite2 is designed for routine measurement of solar radiation. It is especially designed for: Photovoltaic / solar energy module monitoring, agricultural evapotranspiration estimation, air pollution ...

Novatech - Model 1732 Series - Oxygen Transmitter Analyzer

by Monitoring Solutions     based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA)

The 1732 O2 Analyzer is a smart investment that soon pays for itself through fuel savings and reduced pollution: Without accurate oxygen monitoring, there is a likelihood of excess energy being used to heat air simply disappearing through the stack. If too little air is used in the combustion process, dangerous fuel-rich flue gases are generated. ...

TerraLab - Model TRL-GA Series - Gas Analyzers Systems

by Terralab Laboratuvar Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. A.S.     based in Ankara, TURKEY

Based on mass spectrometry, nondispersive infrared, fuel cell and TCD sensors. Integrated with a properly designed TRLGCU (gas conditioning unit) for pressure, flow, temperature and composition conditioning. Installed either in a 19” rack cabin or in a table top box. Data acquisition, quantitative result calculation and reporting via ...

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