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Train Fuel Measurement System

by FAR Systems S.p.A.

Train Fuel Measurement System (TFMS) monitors and measures the fuel consumption of railway diesel engines. Each vehicle with a diesel engine is equipped with a fuel-measuring subsystem consisting of 2 fuel sensors, and the relevant electronic equipments to perform metering and data post processing (RFM100).

WAGO - 3-Phase Power Measurement Module

by WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH

No matter whether it is for plant automation, building automation or process automation: WAGO's new 3-phase power measurement modules permit energy consumption measurement, harmonic analysis and N-conductor measurement for comprehensive network analysis – with fieldbus connection. With the 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module, WAGO has ...

Kipp & Zonen - Model SP Lite2 - Silicon Pyranometer for Routine Measurement of Solar Radiation

by Kipp & Zonen

SP Lite2 is ideal for measuring available energy for use in solar energy applications, plant growth, thermal convection and evapotranspiration. SP Lite2 is designed for routine measurement of solar radiation. It is especially designed for: Photovoltaic / solar energy module monitoring, agricultural evapotranspiration estimation, air pollution ...

FW300 - Laser Transmissiometer for Dust Measurements


Sticky dusts, high gas temperatures or varying gas velocities - the FW300 measures also under unfavorable condistions instantanous and with high presicion.ApplicationsThe FW300 is suitable for measurement of dust concentrations in processes or of dust emission in quarries or mill works as well as for monitoring of dust loads in factory halls.It is ...

SDEC - Model JYP 1000 - Photosynthetically Active Radiation Sensor

by SDEC France

This light sensor developed by SDEC France is designed to measure the photosynthetically active radiation (also called P.A.R. sensor). It effectively measures radiation between 400 and 700 nm.The sensor has an output proportional to the number of photon recieved regardless of their energy levels (photon flux density : µmol.m-2.s-1).Since the ...

OAI - Model 311 - UV Intensity Analyzer with 9 Point Probe

by OAI

Adjusting aligner optics is vital to precise, high yield wafer processing. OAI's Model 311 Intensity Profiler combines superb human engineering and measurement accuracy expressly for that purpose. It employs a unique bar-graph display that presents a graphic portrayal of the percent deviation of each intensity level from a reference plane. The ...

Dynasonics - Model TFX Ultra Series - Ultrasonic Flow Meter

by Instrumart

The Dynasonics TFX Ultra Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meter that provides accurate and repeatable measurements for full pipe liquid applications such as cooling lines, raw sewage flows, water distribution and processes where system shutdown is impossible. This versatile and accurate meter clamps on to the outside ...

Ultra TTP - Portable Transit Time Flow and Energy Meter

by MTA Messtechnik GmbH

The TTP features technology to provide for a precise, and reliable ultrasonic clamp on flow and energy meter.

Distributed Seismic

by Silixa Ltd

Downhole acquisition with fibre optic cable is inherently simpler than acquisition with geophones; synchronised coherent measurements at every meter along the cable, with the option of dynamically changing the sensor length. The optical fibre sensor can be installed in the borehole, on land or on the seabed. Seismic data can be acquired on-demand ...

Kipp & Zonen - Model CMP 3 - Pyranometer for the Accurate Measurement of Solar Irradiance

by Kipp & Zonen

The CMP 3 is a low cost pyranometer for accurate routine measurements in many applications. The CMP 3 pyranometer is an instrument for measuring the solar irradiance. The thermopile sensor construction measures the solar energy that is received from the total solar spectrum and the whole hemisphere (180 degrees field of view). The output is ...

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