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Operation & Control of Activated Sludge Plants


As manpower at treatment plants continues to be reduced it is essential that plant operators have a thorough understanding of the principles of plant operation and are able to devise operating strategies backed up by suitable metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s).This course works through each aspect of treatment plant operation, providing the practical ...

Mar. 4, 2015

Intermediate Statistical Techniques for Operators of Anaerobic Digestion Facilities


This training course has been developed in association with Newcastle University and the University associated Cockle Park Anaerobic Digestion Plant and designed for those working with AD plants. It aims to follow on from the previous course "Simple Statistical Techniques for Operators of Anaerobic Digestion Facilities" further enhancing delegates skills to analyse the ...

May 7, 2015

Simple Statistical Techniques for Operators of Anaerobic Digestion Facilities


This training course has been developed in association with Newcastle University and designed for those working with AD plants. It aims to improve the statistical skills of delegates, allowing them to analyse the information that is currently gathered in routine plant operation and use this to operate AD plants more efficiently.

Feb. 5, 2015

Odour Management: An Introduction to Odour Regulation, Assessment and Control


1. Introduction/regulatory basis for odour.How odour emissions and impact are regulated under the planning, statutory nuisance and licensing/permitting regimes.2. Odour sampling - methods and equipment used, accreditations.3. Odour analysis - methods, accreditations, etc.4. Field assessment techniques.How field assessment techniques can be used to assess odours, ...

Feb. 26, 2015

Climate Change: Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation 2015


This course provides in-depth understanding and hands on experience of using future climate scenarios from the UKCP09 and other international projections. The course can be tailored to specific sectors, and delegatesmay choose to specialise and attend:• Days 1-3: Impacts and vulnerability: methodology, application of climate scenarios, natural environment, water ...

Apr. 27 - May 1, 2015

Engineering Biology through Molecular Microbial Ecology 2015


Newcastle University is a world leader in Engineering Biology through Microbial Ecology. The purpose of this course is to get the latest generation of tools in molecular microbial ecology into the hands of engineers. Molecular microbial ecology has the power to revolutionise our ability to monitor and design engineered biological systems e.g. wastewater treatment ...

Feb. 9 - 13, 2015

Finance, Risk and the Energy Value Chain


Energy Delta Institute together with PwC Academy set up this five-day course to helps energy professionals enhance their understanding of the energy value chain and the impact of risk:• Economics – why is the energy value chain what it is, how can external risks be identified, understand thing market dynamics, appropriate forecasting methods;• Valuation – what are crucial ...

Mar. 16 - 20, 2015

Absolute Basics of Gas Chromatography & GC-MS


If you have no or very little knowledge of gas chromatography, are an analyst, technician, engineer or work in sales and would like to improve your knowledge in this area, then this is the course for you.This is a perfect introduction for absolute beginners to gas chromatography and GC-MS. The course will cover the what, why, where, when and how of GC & GC-MS.

Mar. 24, 2015

Training course for mandatory energy efficiency audits in transport


4benefit is a training and support programme for professionals interested in learning how to conduct high quality energy audits in transport and logistics operations using EN16247 Parts 1- 4 (ISO50002), within the framework of mandatory energy audits and/or as part of a process to implement energy efficiency systems such as ISO50001

Feb. 3 - 5, 2015

Hands-on Complete Gas Chromatography & GC-MS 23rd - 27th February 2015


The Complete Hands-On GC & GC-MS course combines the 5 individual hands-on days covering Gas Chromatography Theory & Methods, GC Maintenance, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Theory & Methods, MS Maintenance and GC-MS troubleshooting.These courses mix theory and hands-on practicals in a lab environment.

Feb. 23 - 27, 2015

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