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Laboratory Fuel Testing

by AXI International     based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA)

Algae-X works closely with well known and established research labs for water, fuels and oil. Depending on your application and type of contamination in long term fuel storage, lube oil filtration, hydraulic fluids and symptoms such as: high engine wear, injection system failures, filter plugging, smoke, carbon and soot deposits, we will analyze ...

AIC - Model ZRE - Infrared Gas Analyzer

by Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited     based in Kota, INDIA

This gas analyzer (ZRE) is capable of measuring the concentration of NO,SO2,CO2,CO,CH4 and O2 components in sample gas. NO,SO2,CO2,CO and CH4 are measured by non-dispersion infrared method (NDIR), while O2 is measured by fuel cell, or zirconia method. Up to 5 components including O2 can be measured simultaneously. This analyzer is designed with ...

AIC - Model ZRJ - Infrared Gas Analyzer

by Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited     based in Kota, INDIA

This gas analyzer (ZRJ) is capable of measuring the concentrations of CO2, CO, CH4,SO2, NO and O2 components in sample gas.  CO2, CO, CH4, NO, and SO2 are measured by non-dispersion infrared method (NDIR), while O2 is measured by paramagnetic, fuel cell, or zirconia method. Up to 4 components including O2 (up to 3 components in measurement of ...

Model K33 - Diesel Meter

by Gulersan Lubrication Equipment Co Ltd.     based in Ümraniye / Istanbul, TURKEY

K33 and K44 are nutating-disk meters that measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel or lubricant. They are designed for non-commercial use only. These flow-meters are reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and simple to calibrate on the workplace. The Pulser model is fitted with a pulse emitter for connection to a fuel management system. ...

Model S3-PT-BWBS-109 - Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester (Ignition)

by S3 Instruments     based in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Purpose: The instrument is suitable to determine closed cup flash point of petroleum products, which is described as the lowest temperature at which the mixture of a petroleum product sample vapor and air contacts flame and makes a flash when the sample is heated in a closed cup under the stipulated condition, reference to ASTM D93.

Model NAE 440 40500 - Aniline Point Tester

by Normalab     based in Lintot, FRANCE

2 independant stations.Test Temperature Range :Ambient to 150°C (optional cryostat for lower temperatures).Detection of clear, colored and dark products.Heating system by metallic bath.Possibility to visualise of the test (detection by operator) for double check.Data Storage : 200 results.Quick access to calibration parameters.Autodiagnostic

CloudPoint - Analyser

by Analytical Measurement Calibration and Safety Ltd. (AMCS)     based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM

The CloudPoint Analyser is used to provide an indicator of the lowest temperature at which typically a diesel fuel may be used. The analyser uses advanced thermoelectric cooling and optical detection to provide exceptional results, in most cases without the need for chilled water. The optical detector arrangement also provides excellent immunity ...

Model K33850 - Existent Gum Steam Generator

by Koehler Instrument Company Inc     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

Electrically heated boiler provides instantaneous and reserve steam capacity for steam-jet evaporation tests. Easy to install and operate; electrical heating eliminates the need for on-site fuel combustion. Requires only a water feed source and electrical hook-up. Ruggedly constructed, with long life industrial grade incoloy heating element. ...

Petrotape - Petroleum Level Gauging

by JOWA USA, Inc.     based in Littleton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Petrotape gauging system is designed for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks. Gauged products include gasoline, fuel oils, crude oils, kerosene and diesel fuel with temperatures up to 225° F. This packaged system consists of a Hastelloy jacketed Metritape sensor, a compact filter assembly, a sensor housing and a two-wire 4-20mA ...

ReTank - On-Site Retrofit System

by Containment Solutions, Inc., (CSI)     based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA)

ReTank is an on-site retrofit system which allows you to turn any Containment Solutions, Owens Corning or other manufacturers’ fiberglass single-wall tank into a hydrostatically monitored double-wall tank. Benefits include reducing costs of tank replacement and using existing tanks for multiple types of fuel. Upgrade not only to secondary ...

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