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Model VF2 Series - Guided Wave Radar

by Hycontrol Limited

The Reflex VF2 Series range of TDR products is ideal for the measurement of liquids, powders and granules to a range of 40m. Unaffected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant or coating of the probe, the VF Series can measure virtually any product in either Direct, Automatic or TBF mode utilising ...

Francis Turbines


Either standardized units for small hydro or tailor-made solutions, VAPTECH is delivering high-quality Francis turbines. VAPTECH’s care for maximum efficiency and resistance to cavitation is guaranteed by flow dynamic analyses and tests from leading European research centers.

Automation For The Hydropower Industry

by ANDRITZ Energy & Environment GmbH

In addition to primary technology, secondary technology is a key competence for a leading supplier of electromechanical products and services for hydropower stations.In the same way as primary technology, power station automation is aimed at increasing output and decreasing costs. Whether it is newly constructed or modernized, each hydropower ...

Toshiba - Hydro Generators Vertical Shaft

by Toshiba Corp Power Systems Company

TOSHIBA has delivered two hydro generators each having 805MVA-112.5min-1rating, which are ranked in the largest unit output among all the air-cooled units in the world, for Guri II Hydroelectric Power Station, C.V.G.Electrification del Caroni, C.A., Venezuela.

HydroTech - Francis Turbines

by HydroTech Engineering, LLC

HydroTech Engineering and its partners have provided hundreds of Francis turbines all over the world, ranging in size from 145 kW to 750 MW. The Francis turbine is a type of inward-flowing reaction turbine. This turbine is named after James B. Francis (1815 – 1892), an American hydraulic engineer who designed, built, and tested the first of ...

Gamesa Electric - Hydroelectric Energy

by Gamesa Electric

The hydroelectric energy industry is characterised by a high level of customisation, as each power plant must be optimised in terms of the hydroelectric resources available and the facility's configuration. Gamesa Electric designs its machines in accord with the specific parameters of the turbines and the plant's operational location. During the ...

Kaplan Turbine

by Zeco Di Zerbaro & Costa & C. S.r.l

Turbine projected for high flow rate and low head applications.

Model HS1000 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest

The HS1000 is a 1MW pre-commercial demonstrator deployed at the EMEC tidal test site in the Orkney Isles. The device is essentially a scaled up version of the HS300, with some changes made to accommodate the facilities at the EMEC tidal test site. The turbine is heavily instrumented and will serve as a platform for future research and development ...

Model HS300 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest

HS300 is a 300kW prototype installed at 50 meters depth in Kvalsund in Finnmark, Norway. The device has been through a complete deployment, operation, retrieval, maintenance and redeployment cycle, and has proven to be both efficient and reliable.

Francis Turbines

by Kössler Gesellschaft m.b.H - Voith Hydro GmbH & Co KG

Our range of Francis turbines includes open flume type turbines for low head, and spiral case turbines in horizontal or vertical designs for medium to high head. The Francis runner is often fitted directly to the generator shaft, which also ensures a compact construction and low maintenance. Francis turbines are characterised by their optimal ...

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