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Tecam - Incinerator System for Waste Management

by Tecam Group     based in Llinars del Vallès, SPAIN

Incinerators for Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, NORM derived from industrial processes. Waste valorisation is a common and necessary practice to treat, recycle and give a new value to waste coming from human and industrial activity. Incineration is a type of valorisation that offers safe results and advantages, which make it ideal for ...

Municipal Waste Incineration Systems

by Santes Ltd. Co.     based in Ankara, TURKEY

Municipal waste incineration system is designed with the consideration of several types of municipal wastes; including paper/cardboard (packing material), plastic (foil, bottles, and dishes), metal cans, food-waste, cloth, garbage etc. Incineration system provides an effective means of reducing the volume of MSW as well as providing an important ...

Verantis - Liquid Waste Incineration Systems

by Verantis Environmental Solutions Group     based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA)

Effectively incinerate chemical and pharmaceutical liquid wastes. Verantis engineers all styles of liquid waste combustion systems for a broad range of industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical hazardous waste applications. We will design your system in either a horizontal or vertical down fired configuration to meet your unique needs. Each liquid ...

Verantis - Rotary Kiln Incineration Systems

by Verantis Environmental Solutions Group     based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA)

Complete flexibility to simultaneously dispose of liquids, solids, and sludges. Rotary kiln incineration systems are ideal for processing mixed industrial and hazardous wastes that include a combination of solid, sludge, and liquid waste streams. Verantis provides complete rotary kiln incineration packages including a broad range of waste storage ...

JFE - Sludge Incineration System

by JFE Engineering America Inc.     based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

JFE Engineering’s sludge incineration system helps customers save energy and operating costs and is ready to meet every technological need.

Tail Gas Incinerators

by AEREON     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

Hydrogen sulfide or H2S is a lethal gas generated in refineries, petrochemical plants, and gas handling facilities. Sulfur recovery units produce tail gases that contain relatively substantial amounts of H2S. AEREON designs a special type of incinerator, designed to eliminate the H2S components, while inhibiting the creation of corrosive acid ...

Model A 165 - Incinerator System For Pathological Waste: Pathological Crematory System

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

This incinerator system for pathological waste, GEI model A 165 pathological crematory system has been designed with a hot hearth, multi-chambered, controlled air spec for efficiency. Featuring the hot hearth design and mazed secondary combustion chamber provides advanced turbulent thermal oxidation of combustion gases with a 2 second retention ...

Model A-SH - Incinerator System For Industrial Waste: Solid Waste - Thermal Oxidizer Systems

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

This incinerator system for industrial waste, GEI model A-SH solid waste thermal oxidizer system/incinerator is manufactured with a 2-3 cell stepped hearth, designed to process a higher volume, continuous feed, waste disposal, using controlled air within the primary combustion chambers. This waste incinerator systems are also known as 'Stepped ...

Thermylis High Temperature Fluid Bed (HTFB) Incineration System

by Degremont Technologies     based in Duebendorf, SWITZERLAND

Infilco Degremont has supplied more fluid bed incineration systems in North America than any other vendor. Our specialized incineration experts were recently awarded a U.S. patent for inventing a method to remove mercury and nitrogen oxides from combustion flue gas.

Hazardous Waste Incinerators

by Santes Ltd. Co.     based in Ankara, TURKEY

Hazardous wastes can be in the form of liquid, solid, gas, or sludge. They can be discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes. All hazardous waste in the form of solid, liquid, gas and sludge can be destroyed by Santes Incineration system.

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