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Bioelectrochemical Systems

by IWA Publishing

In the context of wastewater treatment, Bioelectrochemical Systems (BESs) have gained considerable interest in the past few years, and several BES processes are on the brink of application to this area.  This book, written by a large number of world experts in the different sub-topics, describes the different aspects and processes relevant to ...;

Global Ocean Energy Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

This new ocean energy market research report looks at the key market drivers for the global Ocean Energy market. The report includes a full analysis of the ocean energy industry including ocean energy technology and resources. The report also outlines the key ocean energy statistics, facts and data and ocean energy forecasts.;

The Indian Ocean Tsunami

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Drawing on information gathered from a study of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 26, 2004, this book explores the development of methodologies for predicting and preparing for tsunamis. The volume provides a state-of-the-art review of tsunami science and indicates thrust areas which have the potential to improve temporal and spatial resolution ...;

Ocean Sciences Bridging the Millennia

by Earthprint Ltd

Since the rise of ancient civilizations, human curiosity has led to relentless exploration in an attempt to understand the oceans that cover 70% of our planet. The findings of ancient maritime explorers still form the foundation of modern knowledge and research, which benefit from increasingly precise instruments and platforms such as large ...;

Vehicular Electric Power Systems: Land, Sea, Air, and Space Vehicles

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Vehicular Electric Power Systems: Land, Sea, Air, and Space Vehicles acquaints professionals with trends and challenges in the development of more electric vehicles (MEVs) using detailed examples and comprehensive discussions of advanced MEV power system architectures, characteristics, and dynamics. The authors focus on real-world applications and ...;

Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences, Six-Volume Set , 1-6

by Elsevier BV

This authoritative resource covers all aspects of atmospheric sciences#151;including both theory and applications. Nearly 350 articles and over 1,900 figures and photographs are presented, many in full-color. The Encyclopedia is an ideal resource for academia, government, and industry in the fields of atmospheric, ocean, and environmental ...;

Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, Six-Volume Set

by Elsevier BV

The Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences is the most current, authoritative, and comprehensive resource on the science of the oceans. This ambitious work includes contributions from leading scientists around the world on the physical processes that drive the oceans and the chemical, biological, and geological disciplines. The Encyclopedia also covers ...;

Nondestructive and Automated Testing for Soil and Rock

by ASTM International

The first publication of its kind to feature state-of-the-art research on economical and timely ways to evaluate a wide range of soil and rock characteristics. 20 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers are divided into the following key areas: Nondestructive Testing Methods In The Laboratory -- Evaluation techniques including X-ray absorption, ...;

Ocean Wave Energy

by Springer

The authors of this reference provide an updated and global view on ocean wave energy conversion for wave energy developers as well as for students and professors. The book is orientated to the practical solutions that this new industry has found so far and the problems that any device needs to face. It describes the actual principles applied to ...;

Tsunami Science Four Years After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

by Springer

The tragedy of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has led to a rapid expansion in science directed at understanding tsunami and mitigating their hazard. A remarkable cross-section of this research was presented in the session: Tsunami Generation and Hazard, at the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics XXIV General Assembly in Perugia, held in ...;

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