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RAY Series - Floating, Wave Power Systems

by Columbia Power Technologies, LLC

Columbia Power has developed the “RAY” series of floating, wave power systems for a variety of marine applications; from energy generation and storage for oceanographic sensors and unmanned underwater vehicles to production of baseload energy supply. Columbia Power’s novel, proprietary design efficiently converts energy from ...

Oyster® - Wave Energy Converter

by Aquamarine Power

Oyster® is a hydro-electric Wave Energy Converter, designed to convert renewable energy harnessed from ocean waves into usable electricity. Oyster® consists of an Oscillator fitted with pistons and fixed to the nearshore sea bed. Each passing wave activates the Oscillator, pumping high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline to the ...

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

by Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a process that can produce electricity by using the temperature difference between deep cold ocean water and warm tropical surface waters. OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity. OTEC is firm power (24/7), is a clean energy ...

Wavebob - Wave Energy Converter

by Wavebob Ltd.

The Wavebob wave energy converter (WEC) is a highly innovative oscillating point absorber designed to convert wave energy into low cost per kWh electricity in order to provide operators with sustainably high returns on capital due to: Low capex and O&M costs, High average electrical power output, High installed capacity of > 1 MWe, ...

SIE-CAT - Wave Energy Accumulator

by SIE-CAT - Wave Energy Accumulator

The SIE-CAT Wave Energy Accumulator, Sustainable Energy from Ocean Waves, is a unique and proprietary next generation ‘Green’ technology.

PB150 - PowerBuoy Utility-Scale

by Ocean Power Technologies, Inc

OPT’s newest addition to its utility-scale product line is the PB150 PowerBuoy. The first utility-scale 150 kilowatt PowerBuoy, fabricated in Scotland, was deployed in 2011 off the Eastern coast of Scotland for ocean trials. A second PB150 PowerBuoy is being fabricated in Portland, Oregon, and is planned for deployment at Reedsport, Oregon. ...

Tidal Stream Energy

by Marine Current Turbines Ltd. (MCT)

Tidal stream energy presents one of the most exciting emerging forms of renewable energy. Tidal streams, unlike many other forms of renewable energy, are a consistent source of kinetic energy caused by regular tidal cycles influenced by the phases of the moon.  Intermittency is a problem for wind, wave and solar power as the sun doesn’t ...

E Class - US Coast Guard Sea Eagle FRC

by Sauter Carbon Offset Design

SCOD Presents the US Coast Guard Sea Eagle; The Ultra Green Homeland Security vessel that’s tough on the bad guys, but kind to the Ecology. The first Coast Guard Cutter to provide extensive surveillance, on , above and below the ocean. The E Class Search and Rescue Sea Eagle with Helipad and underwater ROV (Remote Ocean Vehicle) uses half as ...

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

by Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC)

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a base-load renewable energy production process particularly suited for tropical zones. This proven technology uses the ocean's temperature differential between the warm surface water and the cold deep water to generate both electricity and potable water. This 24/7 energy production technology does not ...

Cost effective sonar wave and tidal level sensor solution for coastal and offshore monitoring.

by Ocean Navitas Ltd

Simultaneous data transmission capability via both HF radio and GPRS for local and remote monitoring applications.Safety status monitoring, Resource Assessment/Recording, Oceanographic monitoring, Water/tank level monitoring, Wind turbine monitoring, Harbour monitoring, WaveRuler The WaveRuler is a second generation solution designed and ...

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