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Testo - Model 330-2 LL - Flue Gas Analysers

by Testo Limited     based in Alton, UNITED KINGDOM

With long-life gas sensors, H2-compensated CO-sensor, rech. battery and calibration protocol, graphic display, Flue gas probe (180mm x 6mm), carry case.

FVG - Model 96-125Z - Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module

by FVG ENERGY     based in Carlino, ITALY

The FVG 96-125Z photovoltaic modules are indicated for PV parks; Architectural integration (French market); Residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural. The system voltage up to 1000 VDC can be used on any type of system connected to the network. The FVG 96-125Z photovoltaic modules have IEC 61215 and EN 61730-2 certificates.

FVG - Model 84-125 - Mono crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module

by FVG ENERGY     based in Carlino, ITALY

The FVG 84-125 photovoltaic modules are indicated for network feed-in systems, including: Electric power stations, medium and large photovoltaic parks, systems on offices and commercial buildings, residential centres and single residential buildings. The system voltage up to 1000 VDC can be used on any type of system connected to the network. FVG ...

Gas Turbine Intake Silencer

by ATCO Emissions Management     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Gas turbine intakes emit substantial amounts of noise and are sensitive to pressure drop. Ambient air drawn into the combustion intake also contains entrained debris from the environment. This can cause erosion and damage to the compressor and hot-gas-path parts of a gas powered turbine.

ECOBIK - Firetube Boilers

by KUBIK Prod Com SRL     based in Bucharest - 2, ROMANIA

ECOBIK applications on firetube boilers are numerous in all industrial domains. Practically, technological stops for cleaning the smoke tubes and the firetube are avoided, fuel consumption decrease, pollutants emissions levels become lower and lower and corrosion is almost stopped.

District Cooling

by Bernoulli System AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

Bernoulli Filters help to meet the cooling needs of cities and larger industrial areas in an environmentally friendly way. Installed to protect the main heat exchangers, they enable the use of different water sources such as deep wells, lake water or sea water.

Eurotherm - Burner

by SAACKE GmbH     based in Bremen, GERMANY

When short, uncomplicated planning and commissioning is important for standard applications or compact process firing systems (for example support firing systems with waste incineration plants), your first choice is the EUROTHERM series of pressure atomizers. With an integrated fan, optimized air flow and integrated fuel fittings, these burners ...

Model 5200 - Pyroprobe High Pressure System

by CDS Analytical     based in Oxford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The High Pressure Pyrolysis instrument will use the model 5200 which has been modified with a back pressure regulator (BPR) to the trap of the 5200. Samples can then be pyrolyzed at elevated pressures (500PSI max) and collected onto the built-in trap. After pyrolysis of the sample is complete, the analytes can be transferred to the GC at normal ...

Screw Biogas Compressors

by BIOKOMP Srl     based in Villaverla, ITALY


Sarasin-RSBD - Safety Valve

by Weir Power & Industrial     based in East Kilbride, UNITED KINGDOM

Safety valves for over pressure and protective solutions. Spring loaded safety relief valves (Starflow, Series 9), Damped spring loaded relief valves, Atmospheric relief valves, Pilot operated safety relief valves, Changeover valves.

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