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PureWave - Community Energy Storage System

by S&C Electric Company     based in Oswego, ILLINOIS (USA)

Your goal is simple: Keep the power flowing to your customers. Achieving that goal isn’t always so easy, however. And now, facing imperatives to reduce your utility’s carbon footprint, you need to ensure that the power is not only reliable, but also green. S&C’s PureWave Community Energy Storage System can help you meet those ...


by Vecoplan AG     based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY

The material recycling apart, energetic use of wood as a renewable source of energy is becoming more and more important. This is only feasible through effective shredding of the input materials for further processing. Additionally, treatment technologies which meet the demands of cleanness and determinate the output size are necessary. Since many ...

Kubota - Model SAMBR - Membrane Methane Fermentation Unit

by Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd.     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Membrane methane fermentation unit. This unit both ferments food waste in order to reduce volume substantially and collects biogas from the fermentation for clean energy. Activities of methane generating bacteria are susceptible to suffocation by ammonium. However, the submerged membranes separate ammonium to maintain a high concentration of ...

GreenEcoTherm - Model GP IV-TH - Automatic Wood Pellet Burners

by Erato PLC     based in Haskovo, BULGARIA

The automatic wood pellet burner of series GP are designed to utilize wood pellets of diameter range 6 to 8 mm. They could be installed on variety of hot water solid fuel boilers. The high combustion efficiency is achieved by precisely controlled process. The operating parameters are user friendly controlled. Fourth generation burners GP with ...

Moldow - Heat and Heat Recovery System

by Moldow A/S     based in Holsted, DENMARK

Moldow provides costumised solutions for heat and heat recovery from extraction of air from machines, air change in production areas, painting plants etc.

IHI - Industrial Boilers

by IHI Corporation     based in Tokyo, JAPAN

Medium and small scale boilers, commonly referred to as industrial boilers. These industrial boilers are used in various industries for the purpose of factory process as well as private power generation.

On-Site Cogeneration Systems

by Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc.     based in Seal Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Cogeneration is a variation of distributed generation, but it is an often misused and misunderstood term.  A common thought is that cogeneration means running a generator in parallel with the utility grid, or 'co-generating'.  While this is often done, this is not the meaning of the term. Cogeneration is simply using one energy source to ...

Gauzer - Boiler Tank Series (Levant)

by GAUZER     based in Athens, GREECE

Gauzer Tanks is the most ideal and economical hot water production system. The tank series (Levant) have a high quality level according to all the international regulations. They are produced in a variety of capacities from 120 lt to 2000 lt with one or two coils, and tank in tank.

Nordic - Cleveland Flash Point Apparatus

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB     based in Lund, SWEDEN

This apparatus is used for determination of flash and fire pt. of petroleum products except fuel oils and those having an open cup flash below 79oC. The apparatus consists of a cup, heating plate of specific dimensions, and thermometer clip and test flame attachment with service joints for passing over test liquids surface in the prescribed ...

Ethanol Fuel Storage Tanks

by Envirosafe     based in Clermont, FLORIDA (USA)

Ethanol Storage TankEthanol, an alcohol-like substance, is manufactured from corn, sugar cane, and other farm-grown plant sources.  Ethanol helps gasoline burn cleaner, reducing toxic air emissions; and because it can be produced from United States based agricultural sources; it reduces our dependency on petroleum imports and helps boost the ...

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