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CPI - Digestion Blocks

by CPI International     based in Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

CPI International manufactured ModBlocks are engineered to withstand the harsh environment of the metals digestion lab. The entire system is constructed of graphite and advanced composites that eliminate corrosion and metals contamination. The unique design of the ModBlock incorporates an external dual controller, which can be placed outside the ...

Reverse Osmosis

by WATEC, Incorporated     based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA)

WATEC, International is proud to introduce our newest line of water treatmentequipment. The units in this product line will purify up to 250,000 gallons ofdrinking water per day from salt water sources. Our systems feature the latestin thin-film semi-permeable membrane technology to separate fresh water fromthe salt in seawater. Efficient ...


by International Water Treatment NA LLC     based in University Place, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Elysator should be located preferably as shown on the illustration (fig. 14-1). Both suction and discharge line to be joined in the level of ?low level? alarm in the hot well. A separate circulation pump to be mounted low as possible (normally from drain valve). The water flow to be adjusted with the regulating valve after the water counter, ...

Air Conditioning

by GGE Power Pvt. Ltd.     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Using cogeneration to produce hot water for heating systems is widespread in all of Europe. Since the demand for heating varies according to the seasons, a cogeneration systems would not be profitable if heat generated by the cogeneration modules were not used in the summer.

Remote Monitoring Of Ground Diesel Fuel Tank Level

by Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.     based in Ashkelon, ISRAEL

Non-contact, continuous level sensor gauge with no-moving parts. Compact solution, simple to install, operate and maintain. Communicates using GSM cellular network, SMS or GPRS. Reports level, volume (liters/gallons) and temperature. Supports two temperature sensors for better accuracy. Inventory tracking, theft and refilling alerts. One size fits ...


by ACCIONA Energy     based in SARRIGUREN, SPAIN

ACCIONA Energy produces bioethanol -a fuel of plant origin that can act as an additive to or replacement for petrol (gasoline)- in a plant located in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha. The facility has an annual production capacity of 26,000 tonnes (33 million litres). The base material is raw alcohol from wine sector auctions that the EU ...

Model UC 1 - Ultrafiltration

by MKR Metzger GmbH recycling systemes     based in Monheim, GERMANY

Longer useful life of the water baths in parts cleaning installations, Separation of micro-fine particles, emulsions and oils from all aqueous liquids, Extended useful life of pre-treatment equipment, For manual and automated operation.

Roof Integrated Photovoltaic Systems

by BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH     based in Kolitzheim, GERMANY

The photovoltaic modules are installed directly onto the sheet metal roof (different variants) with an integrated rail system. This gives you a double benefit: You gain a new roof and save the costs for an elaborate subconstruction for fastening the modules.

Ammonit - Model Meteo-40 - Meteo Data Logger

by Ammonit Measurement GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The Meteo-40 data logger is the heart of your measurement system. The data logger ensures accurate measurements to the high standards required by professional consultants, operators and climate research institutes. The Meteo-40 series is designed for wind and solar resource assessment as well as for monitoring of wind farms and solar power plants. ...

Dry Bottom Ash Crushers

by United Conveyor Corporation (UCC)     based in Waukegan, ILLINOIS (USA)

EXCEN-CRUSHER® Clinker Grinders are specifically designed for both wet and dry bottom ash applications, offering superior performance and high-level reliability. With decades of proven experience, UCC clinker grinders effectively reduce material size providing higher efficiency in pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical bottom ash handling ...

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