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by ACCIONA Energy     based in SARRIGUREN, SPAIN

ACCIONA Energy produces bioethanol -a fuel of plant origin that can act as an additive to or replacement for petrol (gasoline)- in a plant located in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha. The facility has an annual production capacity of 26,000 tonnes (33 million litres). The base material is raw alcohol from wine sector auctions that the EU ...

Roof Integrated Photovoltaic Systems

by BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH     based in Kolitzheim, GERMANY

The photovoltaic modules are installed directly onto the sheet metal roof (different variants) with an integrated rail system. This gives you a double benefit: You gain a new roof and save the costs for an elaborate subconstruction for fastening the modules.

Küttner - Coal Injection

by Essen Küttner GmbH & Co. KG     based in Essen, GERMANY

The injection of pulverized coal is the most common method to reduce coke consumption and increase the rentability of your iron production in the blast furnace.  Küttner as technological and market leader is offering all‐in‐one solutions spanning from raw coal mixture to injection devices. Our experts add many decades of ...


by TK-Topboiler B.V.     based in Den Hoorn, NETHERLANDS

The TK-Topboilers are manufactured according to the very latest  techniques and fabrication methods. By using the most advanced computerised  cutting technologies, the boilers can be assembled to precise measurements.

Aviation Fuel

by Neste Oil     based in FINLAND

Aviation fuel is used as a fuel for jet turbines in aircraft. Its quality and handling are extremely precisely defined in strict compliance with international standards.

Model S3-PT-BWBS-109 - Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester (Ignition)

by S3 Instruments     based in ONTARIO (CANADA)

Purpose: The instrument is suitable to determine closed cup flash point of petroleum products, which is described as the lowest temperature at which the mixture of a petroleum product sample vapor and air contacts flame and makes a flash when the sample is heated in a closed cup under the stipulated condition, reference to ASTM D93.


by PacWest Global, LLC     based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA)

Gasification allows us to safely transform wasted resources into clean energy while reducing the volume of waste by over 90%.

Model COMPACT - Pressure Vessels

by SERVAQUA S.A.     based in Balsareny, SPAIN

Integral design of pressure vessel for household water treatment. It adapts to the standard measures of cabinets from the main brands of market. Internal liner in clear food-grade polypropylene. Transparent external epoxy bobbin-winding reinforced with fibreglass. Maximum working pressure 10 bar. connections 2 1/2” - 8 NPSM. Diameters 6, 7, ...

Model 101 - Heliostats

by eSolar     based in Burbank, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The heliostat is the basic building block of the Solar Collector System (SCS).

All Aluminium Conductors (AAC)

by Emta Conductor & Cable Inc.     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

This conductor is also known as aluminium stranded conductor. It is manufactured from electrolytically refined aluminium, having purity of minimum 99.7% AAC is used mainly in urban areas and the spacing is short and the supports are close. All aluminium conductors are made up of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the end usage. ...

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