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EnergySource - Geothermal Power Plants

by EnergySource LLC

EnergySource is a leader in its use of the best available technology for generating geothermal energy. The company bases its development activities on the Salt Sea geothermal resource, one of the most productive geothermal resources in the United States.

Geothermal Energy

by Tula International

While geothermal energy remains less prominent than wind and solar, it has actually been more than 50 years since the first power-generating project went on line in California. In addition to its longevity, it is also a global industry. Demonstration projects are in operation or under development in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and ...

Geothermal Energy

by Renewable Energy House (EREC)

Per definition, geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat below the earth’s surface. It has been used since ancient times for heating, and for about 100 years also for electricity generation. Its potential is inexhaustible in human terms, comparable to that of the sun. Beside electric power generation, geothermal energy is ...

Geothermal Energy

by Ioannou Alternative Energy Ltd

Ioannou Alternative Energy is your full service source for geothermal heating and cooling (air conditioning) products as well as electricity production products. It is our goal to provide technical information, design, installation, and service for those desiring to take advantage of the efficiency and reliability of geothermal energy systems. We ...

EGP - Geothermal Power Plant Development Services

by Enel Green Power SpA

Geothermal power provides an answer to the needs regarding environmental protection and sustainable development: it's a source that works constantly, harnessing the Earth's natural heat. Italy is the country where geothermal energy was first harnessed for industrial purposes and is still one of the main producers of geothermal electric energy in ...

HI-01 - Lightning Dock Geothermal

by Cyrq Energy Inc.

Geothermal is one of several renewable energy sources. But many of these renewable sources are dependent upon external factors, such as consistent amounts of sunlight or wind, and as such are not able to provide “baseload” electricity; that is, electricity not reliant upon climatic conditions. Geothermal resources, though, once tapped, ...

Exergy - GEX - Geothermal Binary Units

by Exergy S.p.A.

Exergy designs and supplies organic Rankine cycle binary plants for geothermal resources. The first and only radial outflow turbine working with an organic fluid gives outstanding performance and flexibility: a proven solution that gives you clean energy and no worries. The availability of products using flammable or non-flammable working fluids ...

Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) Systems

by EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc.

Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) systems are known by many names – geo-exchange, geothermal heating and cooling, ground source heat pump systems, ground loop systems, GHP, EHX. Whatever the name, geothermal heat exchange systems are quite simply the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-sound way to heat and cool buildings.GHP ...

Solar Electric, Wind, Small Hydro, And Geothermal Systems

by Co-op Power

Solar electric, small hydro, geothermal, and wind installations are a bit more expensive, they're still a great way to become more carbon neutral, reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, increase your energy independence, and build our community base of renewable energy. Co-op Power members receive a 2% rebate on the total installation price ...

Biomass Power Plants

by LAMBION Energy Solutions GmbH

Biomass Power Plants and Heat Stations Use Biogenic Waste and Residues for Energy Production. Lambion biomass power plants open up rich new sources of energy. We design and produce highly efficient plants of 1 - 30 MWth for use with nearly one hundred different forms of solid biomass. Ideally with the complete range of peripherals.The Lambion ...

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