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Geothermal Energy

by Tula International

While geothermal energy remains less prominent than wind and solar, it has actually been more than 50 years since the first power-generating project went on line in California. In addition to its longevity, it is also a global industry. Demonstration projects are in operation or under development in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and ...

Geothermal Energy

by Renewable Energy House (EREC)

Per definition, geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat below the earth’s surface. It has been used since ancient times for heating, and for about 100 years also for electricity generation. Its potential is inexhaustible in human terms, comparable to that of the sun. Beside electric power generation, geothermal energy is ...

Geothermal Energy

by Ioannou Alternative Energy Ltd

Ioannou Alternative Energy is your full service source for geothermal heating and cooling (air conditioning) products as well as electricity production products. It is our goal to provide technical information, design, installation, and service for those desiring to take advantage of the efficiency and reliability of geothermal energy systems. We ...

AltaRock - Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

by AltaRock Energy, Inc.

EGS projects produce electricity using heat extracted with engineered fluid flow paths in hot rocks. These pathways are developed by stimulating them with cold water injected into a well at high pressure and utilizing a variety of proprietary techniques developed by AltaRock which are the subject of its patent portfolio.

Solar Electric, Wind, Small Hydro, And Geothermal Systems

by Co-op Power

Solar electric, small hydro, geothermal, and wind installations are a bit more expensive, they're still a great way to become more carbon neutral, reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, increase your energy independence, and build our community base of renewable energy. Co-op Power members receive a 2% rebate on the total installation price ...

Money-Saving Renewable Generation

by EC Energy Solutions Group Ltd

Whatever type of renewable energy generation plant you install, it will enable you to save money on your fuel bills. You will be able to use the energy you generate yourself to heat, light and power your premises and equipment – so you won’t have to buy as much from your energy supplier. That means you will make significant savings ...

Craftengine Electricity Production

by Viking Development Group

Viking Heat Engines AS presents CraftEngine, an engine that can convert heat from renewable low-temperature heat sources into electricity. The first CraftEngine prototype has already been tested (August 2011 – January 2012) with great success, and both the technical and commercial viabilities of the project have been proven. A CraftEngine ...

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