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2500 - Wind - Earth Turbines

by AllEarth Renewables, Inc.

AllEarth Renewables was founded in 2005 with an ambitious goal to design and manufacture reliable and innovative renewable energy systems. Our small scale wind turbine project was our first major initiative. We currently have on-going testing on 22 Earth Turbine 2500 test sites throughout Vermont.

Evance - R9000 5kW - Small Wind Turbine

by Evance Wind Turbines

The R9000 small wind turbine is the result of nearly 12 years of development and has been system engineered to ensure maximum energy yield and durability. Through specific design, the R9000 is able to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW turbine available. The turbine’s reliability is backed by millions ...

Wind Turbines Energy

by PDR Associates Energy Group

Can we light up the world and fuel our vehicles without polluting the environment? The answer may be blowing in the wind. It's not enough to set up hundreds of turbines at a blustery site to create a 'wind farm' and hope that consistent gusts will generate electricity. It's necessary to know where fast winds blow and how best to harness them since ...

Evance - 15kW - Wind Power System

by Evance Wind Turbines

With energy costs continuing to rise, more small businesses are looking to wind power to help ensure a sustainable future. An Evance 15kW solution, grid connected or off-grid, can deliver a highly efficient, versatile and a visually pleasing solution.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

by Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a process that can produce electricity by using the temperature difference between deep cold ocean water and warm tropical surface waters. OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity. OTEC is firm power (24/7), is a clean energy ...

Evance - 10kW - Versatile Modular Solution System

by Evance Wind Turbines

To meet site specific requirements more multiple installations of the R9000 are now across the UK supporting applications that need 10kW of power or more.  At the centre of the 10kW wind turbine solution are two R9000 small wind turbines which deliver highly efficient energy generation and also a scalable and versatile solution. With two ...


by True North Power NG Inc.

Champion Sealed Batteries Absorbed Electrolyte in glass mat separators, unlike standard flooded or gel batteries, facilitates oxygen recombination with virtually no loss of liquid, which eliminates regular watering and acid equalization maintenance. Pressure Relief Valves control internal pressure for efficient charging, are self-sealing and have ...

Wind & Solar

by Q-Lab Corporation

Q-Lab is a world leader in weathering test equipment and test services for the wind, solar, and renewable energy industry. Long term durability of photovoltaic panels and wind turbine blades is one of the key factors in their cost competitiveness. Whether you assemble panels, manufacture modules or blades, or produce other components or materials, ...

MW35 / MW36 - Industrial Wind Sensor

by Mierij Meteo Nederland

MW 35 and MW 36 are Mierij Meteo’s latest Industrial wind sensors. They are ideally suited for application on top of wind turbines where shock and vibration can be a problem. The MW35 & MW36 are shock and vibration resistant and can also be used at very low ambient temperatures.

Tidal Stream Energy

by Marine Current Turbines Ltd. (MCT)

Tidal stream energy presents one of the most exciting emerging forms of renewable energy. Tidal streams, unlike many other forms of renewable energy, are a consistent source of kinetic energy caused by regular tidal cycles influenced by the phases of the moon.  Intermittency is a problem for wind, wave and solar power as the sun doesn’t ...

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