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Small Wind Turbines

by Solvento Servicios S.L.

Solvento Servicios S.L. stakes on small wind turbines,  the new revolutionary products within the renewable energy industry. These small wind turbines designed to supply power to the more isolated areas not reached by the power supply. They can be connected to the network and, thus, the consumer becomes a small power producer, thus saving on ...

Evance - R9000 5kW - Small Wind Turbine

by Evance Wind Turbines

The R9000 small wind turbine is the result of nearly 12 years of development and has been system engineered to ensure maximum energy yield and durability. Through specific design, the R9000 is able to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW turbine available. The turbine’s reliability is backed by millions ...

Wind Tulip - Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

by Leviathan Energy Inc

The Wind Tulip - your choice of wind turbine - cost- effective, silent, vibration free, resilient, and long lasting, the wind turbine to live next to for many years to come.The Wind Tulip is designed to encourage people to be comfortable with living next to an environmental sculpture, producing clean energy df: high efficiency from any direction, ...

Wind Turbines Energy

by PDR Associates Energy Group

Can we light up the world and fuel our vehicles without polluting the environment? The answer may be blowing in the wind. It's not enough to set up hundreds of turbines at a blustery site to create a 'wind farm' and hope that consistent gusts will generate electricity. It's necessary to know where fast winds blow and how best to harness them since ...

Evance - 15kW - Wind Power System

by Evance Wind Turbines

With energy costs continuing to rise, more small businesses are looking to wind power to help ensure a sustainable future. An Evance 15kW solution, grid connected or off-grid, can deliver a highly efficient, versatile and a visually pleasing solution.

7KW - Wind and Solar Integrated Power Generation System

by Aviation power control Co. Ltd(APC)

This product is an integrated renewable power generation system of wind, solar and battery and other energy technologies, at the same time using the intelligent control technology. By means of solar PV and wind turbines, solar and wind energy is respectively converted into electricity, and then further converted into AC via the ...

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

by Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a process that can produce electricity by using the temperature difference between deep cold ocean water and warm tropical surface waters. OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity. OTEC is firm power (24/7), a clean energy ...

Haygrove - Halo Mini Ranger

by Haygrove Ltd

The house of choice for organic, small scale production or specialist producers. Typically, the Halo Mini Ranger will house up to 500 laying birds.

Haygrove - Halo Mini Discovery

by Haygrove Ltd

A small scale building built to resemble a traditional ark, but providing modern and very welfare friendly accommodation for small laying flocks.

Evance - 10kW - Versatile Modular Solution System

by Evance Wind Turbines

To meet site specific requirements more multiple installations of the R9000 are now across the UK supporting applications that need 10kW of power or more.  At the centre of the 10kW wind turbine solution are two R9000 small wind turbines which deliver highly efficient energy generation and also a scalable and versatile solution. With two ...

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