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Mini Solar Thermal Power Plants

by Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH

The concept of mini solar thermal power plants (MSTPP’s) was first elaborated by SHP Europe in 2003. Basically, it’s a small thermal expansion machine driven by steam supplied from a solar collector field. The system can be combined on a project-by-project basis with a thermal storage system or a back-up boiler, as well as various ...

Island Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

by Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH

The design of island photovoltaic (PV) systems is complex and requires know how and expertise. By definition, island systems are stand-alone photovoltaic systems without any connection to an electrical grid. They vary from grid-connected systems in that the plant must be specifically designed to react safely to different load requirements in order ...

First Solar - Model FS Series 2 - PV Modules

by INTRA photovoltaics AG

First Solar FS Series 2™ PV Modules represent the latest advancements in thin film solar module technology. The Series 2 modules are IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 certified for use in systems up to 1000 VDC, UL Listed (600VDC), and meet the requirements of Safety Class II. First Solar provides cost effective thin film module solutions to leading ...

Large-Scale Plants

by juwi Holding AG - the juwi Group

As supplier of efficient solar power plants we can make attractive offers to municipalities and farmers to use large free-fields- former air fields, former military areas, former garbage dumps can be used for the production of clean, economic energy. We are your competent partner for the realization of turnkey PV plants worldwide.

Model PV1-F - Solar Wires

by KBE Elektrotechnik GmbH

KBE Elektrotechnik GmbH is specialized in manufac-turing electrical wires and cables for the photovoltaic,automotive, and household appliance industry.All our plants are certified according to ISO TS 16949.We manufacture about 1.5 million km of wires and cables with 20000 tons of copper per year.KBE’s solar product range covers standard ...

Solar Power Systems for Agricultural Industry


Solar power systems on agricultural buildings: a corporate investment with image gain and secure profits. The agricultural industry has always reaped the fruits of the sun. So why should the roof surfaces be left lying idle? A solar power system is the most innovative form of agriculture. It unites innovation, progress, and a sense of ...

2.5 MegaWattBlock for Solar Power Plants

by BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH

With the 2.5 MegaWattBlock, BELECTRIC is setting new standards in solar power production. On a par with the functionality of largeconventional power plants, our grid-stabilizing power plant technology makes it possible to intelligently integrate renewable energysources in existing power grids. This means that grid expansion due to Renewable ...

Plexus Solar - Solar Photovoltaic Modules

by Plexus Solar India Pvt. Ltd

Plexus Solar offers a wide range of Photovoltaic modules suitable for a variety of applications. These modules are suitable for 12V / 24V battery charging and by connecting these modules in series / parallel combinations, power generation to suit the specific application can be achieved. Photovoltaic modules are finding increased use in the ...

Solar Photovoltaic Power

by Clean Energy BC

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity via solar cells within a solar panel or module. The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi-conducting material and when light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers, causing electricity to flow. A PV system does not need bright sunlight ...

Delivering Solar Power Plants

by RES

With enough solar energy reaching the earth's surface every hour to provide all the power the world needs for a year, solar power is fast becoming an essential component of the long-term solution to our energy needs. The potential is huge and largely untapped. As solar technologies get cheaper and conventional energy prices rise, it is an ...

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