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Photovoltaic Module (PVM) Encapsulate Initiators

by United Initiators, Inc.

United Initiators is the specialist in initiators. Whether it's a small project or a unique application, United Initiators has an initiator that could enhance your product. We will deliver only the amount you need and provide the expertise behind the initiator to ensure your product works better.


by wpd offshore GmbH

Photovoltaic is the term used to describe the direct conversion of radiant light energy into electric energy. The “photovoltaic effect' makes use in this case of the ability of certain solid bodies (for example semiconductors like silicium) to directionally release or spatially separate charged particles generated by means of light energy under ...

Exiom - Photovoltaic Inverter

by Exiom Solution S.A.

The PV inverter is 10% of the investment or perhaps less, but in areas of return on investment, this device holds 100% of the importance, as failure in the same plant will not be able to dump the power to network, with a consequent reduction in revenues from the sale of electricity. That is why in EXIOM SOLUTION SA only work with leading companies ...

Aqua-Control - Photovoltaics Solar

by SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH

Photovoltaics means the transformation of sunlight into electric power. The word photovoltaics is a combination of the greek word for light 'photo' and the name of teh physicist.

Photovoltaic Technology

by Abengoa

Electricity can be directly produced from light by means of the photoelectric effect, using the properties of specific materials (semi-conductors).


by SVTC Technologies, L.L.C.

SVTC Solar offers the full spectrum of best-in-class development services; equipment and expertise to accelerate development of PV technologies, materials and equipment from concept to pre-production and is now accepting customer engagements.

Lintech Solar - REFUsol - Photovoltaic Convertors

by Lintech-Solar spol s r.o

The German company REFUsol GmbH is a world leading producer of photovoltaic convertors using high-end technologies. With their maximum efficiency of 98, 2%, REFUsol convertors range among the most effective and innovative products on the market. The product range includes small and central convertors with the output values from 3 kW to 1, 3 ...

MPrime - Photovoltaic Module

by Martifer Solar

Martifer Solar produces its own photovoltaic modules in one of the most technologically advanced factories in Europe. The Martifer Solar module is a high quality product with first-class warranties and always performs accordingly to the highest standards even under the most demanding conditions. The accurate selection of all raw material partners, ...

Sharp - Photovoltaic Panels

by ClearEnergy Group

Sharp has been a solar specialist since the early days of solar power. Its pioneering work has resulted in groundbreaking progress in the world of solar technology, time and again. Sharp is a driving force for the use of photovoltaics. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar cells, it has played a crucial role in developing the ...

Photovoltaic Plants

by Solvento Servicios S.L.

Solvento Servicios S.L. performs in Spain and abroad diverse types of services on Photovoltaic Plants, focusing our services over the main components of the equipment: preventive and corrective service on solar modules, solar inverters, structures, electrical installation and comunications. Our expertise applies our huge experience  and technical ...

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