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S0LARPLUS - Solar Thermal Energy System

by BrightSource Energy, Inc.     based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA)

BrightSource Energy’s proprietary solar thermal energy system is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive clean energy when needed most.BrightSource’s solar thermal energy systems generate power the same way as traditional power plants – by creating high temperature steam to turn a turbine. However, ...

LG Sonic - Model 360 Solar - Advanced Solar-powered Algae Control

by LG Sonic     based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

The LG Sonic 360 Solar is a floating solar-powered platform that that emits different ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae.

Locus Energy - Model LGate 101E - Single-Phase Solar Monitoring Solution

by Locus Energy     based in Hoboken, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Locus Energy’s LGate 101E is a revenue-grade energy meter and web-enabled datalogger for monitoring residential solar photovoltaic systems. It is designed to collect, store and upload a wide array of energy data allowing both system installers and owners to efficiently manage solar assets.

Locus Energy - Model LGate 120 - Single-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter

by Locus Energy     based in Hoboken, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The LGate 120 is a single-phase electronic watt-hour meter for remote monitoring of solar photovoltaic systems. It features a smart communications module to automatically transmit meter data over cellular or Ethernet networks allowing system owners and operators to easily manage distributed solar assets.

Lite Solar - Commercial Roof Systems

by Lite Solar Corporation     based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Commercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar panels. They provide the opportunity to turn unused space into a solar energy field that powers your company with clean renewable energy while significantly reducing your electric bill.

Solar Inverter

by E- Novasolar     based in Cesena (FC), ITALY

All the solar-inverters we offer have high flexibility due to the presence of multiple MPPT able to simultaneously managing of multiple strings photovoltaic modules.They also include integrated devices able to monitor your system directly on your home laptop or more comfortably on your smart-phone with the new application systems for Android and ...

Canadian Solar - Model CS1500 - Rooftop Pv System Kits

by Canadian Solar Inc. (CSI)     based in West Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

In certain emerging markets, Canadian Solar offers home owners complete residential solar system solutions to meet their green energy needs. Canadian Solar's residential solar power systems are designed to meet different building applications in system sizes of 1.5kW(CS1500),3.0kW(CS3000), 4.0kW(CS4000), 5.0kW(CS5000) and 10kW(CS10000). Canadian ...

Energy REView - Minute-by-Minute Monitoring of Renewable Energy Systems

by Apparent Inc.     based in Novato, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Energy REView (Renewable Energy View) is a powerful, online performance system for monitoring solar arrays utilizing Apparent’s MGi, acquiring data every fifteen minutes and archiving it. Monitoring real-time and historical data helps maximize long term return-on-investment (ROI) by supplying the data needed to run systems at peak efficiency ...

Tigo Energy - Model (GTWY) - Gateway

by Tigo Energy, Inc.     based in Los Gatos, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Tigo Energy Maximizer System provides more energy, active management, and enhanced safety for utility, commercial and residential solar arrays. Tigo Energy’s innovative combination of hardware and software increases the output of solar arrays by up to 20 percent, enables module-level monitoring and alerts, and improves safety with ...

Standard Solar - Commercial Solar Energy Systems

by Standard Solar, Inc.     based in Rockville, MARYLAND (USA)

Standard Solar has a proven track record in the development of commercial solar energy systems for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We possess extensive experience financing, designing, engineering and installing commercial photovoltaic systems on rooftops, on land and on parking structures. With nearly 1300 PV installations around the ...

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