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SPI 2012 - STMicroelectronics’ silicon carbide solutions

by Novus Media Today, LLC

Semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics will announce innovations in silicon carbide devices at Solar Power International 2012 that enable systems producers to build ultra-efficient electronics for converting raw solar energy into grid-quality power. The company’s 1200V silicon carbide diodes replace ordinary silicon diodes in the ...

USB Charger

by Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited

Our USB-charger is the most light-weight and portable charging device for mobile and smart phones. It is made from the same light-weight, flexible, thin-film, CIGS material employed in our other thin-film applications.

Solar PV Blanket

by Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited

Solar PV blankets are light-weight, flexible and foldable solar PV blankets that can give the user freedom and convenience to harness sunlight to generate power independent of location and terrain. These are ideally suited for outdoor applications, including camping, urgent disaster relief operations, communication systems in remote areas, etc.

Solar Energy

by American Council On Renewable Energy

Sunlight is earth's most ubiquitous form of energy. It is clean, inexhaustible, and the United States boasts one of the largest solar resources of any industrialized country. In the last decade, both distributed generation (small-scale installations located close to where the energy is ultimately used) and utility-scale generation have grown ...

Model AE 3TL 8-23 (IEC) - String Inverter

by Advanced Energy Industries, Inc

The new generation is based on the successful platform which delivers maximum yields with no maintenance. Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we have further improved the devices, making them even more future-proof, user-friendly and reliable. Whether you add accumulators in future, integrate the PV system in smart grids or the regulations ...

Solar Energy Systems

by Wind and Solar Specialists Inc

Solar energy provides environmental and financial benefits for agricultural and commercial businesses. Rebates, tax credits and incentive programs are available from federal , state and local governments, to help pay for new system costs for solar photovoltaic projects. Using solar energy can minimize your operating costs while reducing your ...

Oasis - Model C1 - Solar Panels

by SunPower Corporation

SunPower Oasis C1 utilises SunPower’s high efficiency solar panels mounted on SunPower single-axis trackers to deliver the most energy per hectare, compared to conventional and thin-film technologies, optimising land use and energy production.The SunPower Oasis C1 delivers high-performance utility-scale solar power. Coupling optimised 1.5 MW ...

Conergy - Sloped Roof Mounting System

by Solarwyse Ltd.

From the design stage, Conergy SunTop was engineered to provide value to wholesalers, business owners, installers and homeowners. Conergy engineered components that improve the structural quality of the mounting system, all while simplifying the installation, design, quoting and inventory process.SunTop components are intuitive to use and easy for ...

Photovoltaic (PV) Applications

by Norsk Hydro ASA

Aluminum extrusion components for PV solar mounting systems and frames For both roof- and ground-mount PV solar installations, we have collaborated with energy companies, distributors, and installers to develop and manufacture lightweight custom frame and mounting components as well as extruded profiles to be used for stock shape programs. Our ...

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

by Tekton Inc.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems by ACR Solar International Corporation ( Solar water heating has always been the first step when 'going solar' due to low cost and high power density. Solar water heating produces energy at one half (1/2) to one third (1/3) the cost of solar electric (PV). These efficiently designed solar thermal ...

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