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Mag-Drive - Model P24070M & P50140M - Solar Pump

by Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL)     based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

The Mag-Drive Solar Pump™ (models: P24070M, P50140M) features a brushed DC motor, differential temperature controller, and is available with two sizes of pump head (models: BP070M and BP140M). Flow rates range from 0.3 liters/minute (0.1 USGPM) to 5.0 L/m (1.3 USGPM), depending on the model. Available in 12 & 24 VDC configuration

e-Mag - Solar Pump

by Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL)     based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA)

The sun powers the Thermo Dynamics Solar Pump™ - no batteries, no high-voltage electricity, no engine consuming gasoline or diesel fuel - only harmless, low-voltage, solar-generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free. The Solar Pump™ system consists of a rotary vane pump driven by a photovoltaic (PV) powered DC motor ...

SunCentric - Solar Pumps

by Dankoff Solar Pumps     based in Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO (USA)

Output: 5 – 70 GPM (19 – 265 LPM).Total Dynamic Head (TDH): Up to 90 ft. (27m).Suction Capacity: 10 vertical feet (3m) at sea level. Subtract 1ft. for every 1000ft. altitude (1 m for every 1000 m).Weight:  49 – 70 lbs (23-32 kg) depending on the model.Notes: Does not require filtration – tolerant of dirt; NOT for ...

Model MNE-DC-8 - Solar Pump

by Megawatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (MNE)     based in Zhuhai, CHINA

Auto-operation, labor free. Modular design, easy to maintain. International advanced components, safe and reliable.

Model K85RP2 Solar Pump - Single Panel Solar Well Pump Systems

by Advanced Power Inc.     based in Canton, OKLAHOMA (USA)

1-85 Watt solar panel. 25 yr. power output warranty (still producing at least 80% power in 25 yrs). 1-set of aluminum top of pole mounts with fastners. To fit a 2 3/8 OD pole. 1- aluminum submersible dual piston solar pump with 100 ft. of wire attached. System will produce approximately 600 gpd max with no lift. Flow decreases as lift and pressure ...

Cirrex - Model SACI-02-M200202-000 - Solar Electric Water Heater System

by A.O. Smith     based in TENNESSEE (USA)

Cirrex from A. O. Smith is a leap forward in solar thermal water heating and quite simply one of the greenest solution available to homeowners today. Up to 70% of its energy comes from the sun, not from the power company, which can significantly reduce the homeowner’s utility bills in addition to helping protect the planet. Cirrex is an ...

Sun-Ray - solar pumps

by NOV Mono - Mono Pumps Ltd     based in Audenshaw, UNITED KINGDOM

The Mono Pumps Sun-Ray solar pump has been designed to transfer surface water with the same efficiency and reliability as other Mono solar pumps. Available, with either a stationary or GPS Tracking array, ranging from 150 Watts to 1575 Watts, the Sun-Ray can deliver very high daily flows with discharge pressures of 120m. The highly efficient, ...

Asantys - Solar Pumping Systems

by Asantys Systems GmbH     based in Hausach, GERMANY

Human existence and business prosperity in remote locations depend on the availability of clean water to people, livestock and crops. In many parts of the world reliable power supply is just as problematic as the supply of water. Asantys' solar pumping systems are the ideal solution by providing both: water and the power needed to fuel the pump ...

UniMaxx - Model Plus - Solar Pump Station

by SunMaxx Solar     based in Conklin, NEW YORK (USA)

The UniMaxx series represents a new leap in ease of installation for the U.S. solar thermal market. It allows for seamless plug and play installation of one package, containing the pressure gauges, circulator pumps, and advanced controller that a solar thermal system needs to function, in one sleek, easy to install package delivering shorter, ...

Lorentz - Model PS-CS-F - Solar Pump Systems

by Lorentz     based in Henstedt-Ulzburg, GERMANY

LORENTZ PS centrifugal pumps are high quality products designed for higher flow drinking water supply, livestock watering, pond management and irrigation applications. PS centrifugal pumps provide large volumes of water economically, without pollution, anywhere.

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