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by Montealto

Montealto Energy  has successfully developed projects for 100 MW and is currently developing 200 MW. The company took part in the non-technological development of 200-MW projects. A solar thermal system is an indirect conversion technology that requires an intermediate step for the transformation of solar energy into electricity. Solar ...

Solar Thermal Energy

by National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER)

The Solar Thermal Energy Department of the National Renewable Energy Centre offers technological services and carries out applied research activities related to the thermal use of solar energy. Its main objective is to help improve thermosolar technologies and thus facilitate their penetration into the market with the final aim of converting them ...

Solar Thermal

by Ducatt N.V.

Ducatts solar glass is ideal for the solar thermal market because its thin, toughened glass allows lightweight collectors and its ultra-clear, textured surface diffuses a maximum of light over the collector's surface. In flat plate collectors, glass is used to hermetically seal the system while maximizing the energy input. Ducatt's high ...

Solar ReceiverThermal Equipment


The receiver is the main thermal equipment of a Solar Tower power plant. Its panels collect the reflected sun light from the heliostats of the solar field. The thermal energy of the sunlight is transferred to a heat transfer fluid (water/steam or molten salt). The receiver is placed on top of a steel or concrete tower. There are two kind of ...

Despatch - VOC Thermal Oxidizer

by Despatch Industries

Virtually maintenance-free elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds in exhaust gasses. Despatch’s VOC Thermal Oxidizer was designed to eliminate 99% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from gasses exhausted during the drying step of solar cell manufacturing.

Solar Thermal Power Generation

by Hiro Energy-Tech Limited

Solar thermal power plants produce electricity in much the same way as conventional power stations. The difference is that they obtain their energy input by concentrating solar radiation and converting it to high temperature steam or gas to drive a turbine or engine. Four main elements are required: a concentrator, a receiver, some form of heat ...

Model HUCUSOL - Flat Thermal Solar Collectors

by HUCU Solar Espana SL

HUCUSOL® is our Trade Name given to the range of Flat Thermal Solar Collectors manufactured by HUCU Solar España SL. Under the name HUCUSOL we have a large selection of products capable of  meeting your requirements regardless of the installation that you may need to make. We manufacture Solar Thermal Collectors with selective ...

Solar Thermal Tracker

by domini ambiental S.L.

The solar tracker arises from the dedication and study of the last two years. Its structure and movement comes from the solid experience of the 400 photovoltaic trackers developed and installed all over Catalonia. The solar tracker is made of 18 panels with 16 vacuum tubes each one and they occupy 54m2. The system can reach 120ºC and its ...

smart Sol nano - Solar Thermal Controller

by emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGaA

“smart Sol nano” with its 3 inputs and up to 2 outputs is the ideal controller for simple solar thermal plants for drinking water heating and heating support with 1 collector array and 1 tank. 3 models offer different ranges of functions.The controller provides up to 3 hydraulic systems which are visualized by a full graphic FSTN ...

SunMate - Solar Thermal Air Heaters

by GenPro Energy Solutions

GenPro specializes in solar thermal air heaters by SunMate. Like solar thermal collectors for water heating, these panels use a thermal-conductive plate to absorb heat from the sun. A thermometer and circulation fan is then used to then circulate cooler air in your house with the hot air collected in the panel. With minimal moving parts, ease of ...

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