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Solar Thermal

by Lite Solar Corporation     based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Immediate 15% reduction in annual water heating expense using Lite Solar's Power Participation Agreement. Ideal for heavy users of hot water like, laundromats, breweries, and restaurants. All system monitoring & maintenance provided by Lite Solar Engineers.

Solar Thermal

by D & R Energy Services, Inc     based in Brighton, MICHIGAN (USA)

The conversion of solar radiation into heat for technological, comfort heating and cooking purposes. Solar thermal heating is applied to water, air or structural materials. Conversion of light to heat can be achieved through passive systems or active systems (mechanically transferring heat by means of a working fluid such as oil, water or air).

SoltaBond - Model SB1100 - Adhesives for Solar Thermal Modules

by SoltaBond GmbH     based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY

SoltaBond SB1100 is a metal-filled, pasty, 1-component adhesive with a latent curing agent, based on high-temperature resistant epoxy resin. This conductive adhesive can be used for applications facing high permanent temperatures and high current capacity requirements. SoltaBond SB1100 can be used on copper or aluminum. Because of its high thermal ...

Wunder - Model ALS - Solar Thermal Collectors

by Solimpeks Enerji A.Ş.     based in Karatay, TURKEY

Solar Keymark certified. Full selective titanium- coated aluminum surface. Laser welding. Copper pipe. Low iron tempered glass. Rock wool insulation

Solar Thermal Systems

by ONTILITY     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Solar thermal systems are designed to harness the sun's energy and convert it to thermal energy, also known as 'heat'. There are three levels of solar thermal collections: low-temperature collectors are generally flat panels intended for heating water systems (e.g., hot or warm water used in a building or home, or heating a swimming pool; ...

Sentinel - Model R100 - Solar Thermal Fluid

by Sentinel Performance Solutions Limited     based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM

A superior heat transfer fluid for enhanced system performance and longer life, Sentinel R100 Solar Thermal Fluid is easy to use and is effective straight from the container. It is resistant to degradation and provides continuous protection against corrosion in both liquid and vapour states.

Solar Thermal System

by Green Sun Rising Inc.     based in Windsor, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The solar collectors convert solar energy directly into heat, which heat up a water-glycol mixture inside the collectors. This frost-protected water-glycol mixture is circulated via piping through a heat exchanger inside a water storage tank, where the heat energy is transferred into the water inside the tank. Now solar-heated hot water is ...

SludgeManager - Solar-Thermal Drying Plants

by Thermo-System Industrie- & Trocknungstechnik GmbH     based in Filderstadt - Bernhausen, GERMANY

The SludgeManager combines the good points of the proven Electric Mole™, such as robustness, ease of maintenance and stainless-steel construction, with the advantages of fully automated operation. It has been developed jointly by Thermo-System, the ACAT company and the University of Hohenheim. In contrast to the drying process with the ...

SolarX - Model 164 - Solar Thermal Product

by SolarX Energy     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

The most efficient solar thermal product on the market produces hot water, steam and, through back-end chillers and micro-generators, cooling and electricity, all at a fraction of the cost of the our competitors. This innovative, fully enclosed and insulated design utilizes a sun-tracking device and is ideal for either ground or flat-roof ...

Solar Thermal Systems

by Mounting Systems Inc     based in West Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Mounting Systems’ long experience in renewable energy isn’t limited only to PV modules. We also manufacture high-quality solutions for mounting solar thermal collectors, too.Our extensive range of solar thermal mounting components lets you mount both flat and tubular collectors to virtually any roof type and can be adapted to on-roof, ...

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