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Solar Thermal Add-Ons/Combined Systems

by Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH     based in Grabow, GERMANY

The principle of solar thermal add-ons combines a solar thermal collector field with an already-existing conventional power plant. The fuel of the power plant could also be provided by another renewable energy source (like biomass) or even nuclear, but the highest potential for these applications exists in installations using fossil fuels such as ...

Solar Space Heating System

by Earth Wind And Solar Energy LLC     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

Solar thermal systems are not just for providing domestic hot water. They are also an effective way to warm the interior of your home or business. By tying into your existing heating system we can effectively distribute heat throughout your building. During the winter months unlike traditional water heaters that shut off once the tank temperature ...

Solar Thermal Hot Water System

by Riomay Renewable Energies     based in Crawley, UNITED KINGDOM

Evacuated tubes take the flat plate concept and extend it to a higher level of efficiency. They produce higher temperatures and can be used in both residential and commercial applications.Solar thermal systems use the heat and irradiance from the sun to produce hot water. The sun can be used to directly heat the water or heat transfer liquid which ...

Solar Thermal

by Solinium Ltd.     based in Buckinghamshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Taking the sun's power further; Solar thermal technology converts solar energy into snug warmth: cheaply, efficiently and securely. With a low maintenance solar system from Solinium, you are investing in complete security of supply- and thus your independence from fossil fuels. Our sophisticated complete solutions comprising of solar collectors, ...

Solar Thermal

by D & R Energy Services, Inc     based in Brighton, MICHIGAN (USA)

The conversion of solar radiation into heat for technological, comfort heating and cooking purposes. Solar thermal heating is applied to water, air or structural materials. Conversion of light to heat can be achieved through passive systems or active systems (mechanically transferring heat by means of a working fluid such as oil, water or air).

Solar Thermal Systems

by ALRESO Energy Solution     based in Münchberg, GERMANY

The solar thermal systems are technically advanced and very efficient, in other words, an advanced technology!The one who can produce his daily requirement of warm water for the kitchen, bathroom or the heating, is independent of oil or gas price increases.

Despatch - DF In-Line Diffusion System

by Despatch Industries     based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA)

Diffusion technology for the industry’s most uniform emitters. The Despatch In-line Diffusion Furnace incorporates advanced infrared thermal technology that provides the tight temperature uniformity needed for increased cell efficiencies. Air is passively preheated as it enters the chamber and lamps on top and bottom along with edge heaters ...

AEROLINE - Model INOX COMBI Split 20 / Pro - Corrugated Stainless Steel Pipes

by Aeroline Tube Systems Baumann GmbH     based in Ulm, GERMANY

The flexible solution with additional protection for outdoor use. Integrated double-tube system with individual, optimally protected collector connections. With extra protection for use outside.

Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy Collection Systems

by Combined Power Cooperative     based in Santee, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Concentrating solar thermal energy collection systems were invented over a century ago and have been used in large-scale, reliable utility power plants, but have not so far gained widespread adoption because of high costs. Legacy solar concentrating thermal technologies such as parabolic troughs have typically been built as custom engineering ...

Solar Thermal System

by Isoenergy     based in Horley, UNITED KINGDOM

Solar thermal energy is used for domestic water heating, swimming pool heating or industrial water heating. It is a completely renewable source produced directly from sunlight and once installed, produces no carbon at all.Solar Thermal energy systems are a versatile and truly renewable energy solution that can be used to dock into or assist ...

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