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Thin-Film Modules

by LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH

Thin-film solar cells consist of a front electrode, an absorber and a back electrode. These three components are several hundred nanometers to a few micrometer thick layers of conductive and semi-conductive materials on a carrier – typically glass. This construction forms a large-scale photodiode. The incidence of light produces free charge ...

CIGS Thin-film Solar Modules

by Manz AG

The Manz CIGSfab is a fully integrated turn-key manfacturing line to make lowest cost and high efficiency CIGS thin film solar modules. It is the turn-key line with the highest efficiency in mass production (14.6 % module efficiency).A CIGSfab can be upgraded to the current state of technology developed at the ZSW (Centre for Solar Energy and ...

X-Series - High Performance Thin-Film Solar Modules

by Inventux Solar Technologies GmbH

The high performance thin-film solar modules of the X-Series MICROMORPH are the solar modules of the next generation, ensuring maximum yield of clean solar energy throughout the entire year. Photovoltaic modules of the X-Series MICROMORPH consist of an amorphous and microcrystalline silicon layer. The micromorph tandem structure of Inventux ...

IMPALA - Photovoltaic Processing Of Thin-Film Solar Modules

by InnoLas Systems GmbH

The IMPALA laser system was designed for the photovoltaic industry as a work station to provide precise and reliable laser processing over a large area. It offers state-of-the-art technology for laser processing thin-film solar modules. Typical processing steps for thin-film technology are:

Thin-Film Technologies

by MOT Mikro-und Oberflächentechnik GmbH

The next-generation in solar power, thin-film technologies use less than 1% of the raw materials of wafer-based cells. They can also be built using simpler processes that are more easily automated. Creating finished modules is simpler too, as you do not have to string individual cells together into a circuit before laminating – the circuit ...

Thin Film-Module Junction Box

by Hirschmann Renewable Energy

The levels of miniaturisation, reliability and costs which maintain our competiveness in thin-film technology are at the top of our list of priorities and have become a prime task for our engineers.The results of our developments have provided us with a unique solution which positions us on the cutting edge of technical feasibility.

CATiA - Thin Film Solar Modules

by Roth & Rau B.V.

The CSS coating equipment is a key component for the manufacturing of thin film solar modules. It deposits the Cadmium Sulfide Layer and the Cadmium Telluride layer, which is the active layer for photovoltaics (absorber) of a CdTe thin film soalr module. This process runs in vacuum and requires high temperature.

SOL100GG - Thin Film Solar Module

by Solarion AG

The series SOL100GG is a new generation of solar modules. The frameless encapsulation of solar cells between two sheets of glass provides maximum mechanical stability, durability and safety. The aesthetic appearance of the black SOL100GG modules makes them suitable for standard applications and for building integration.With a size of about 1 ...

Thin Film PV Module

by Solarpro Holding

The thin film modules produced by Solarpro are of a thin film a-Si photovoltaic modules type.

QS Solar - Single Glass 100W Amorphous Thin-Film Module

by QS Solar

40% lighter(only 15.25kg per module and 9.9kg/m2) than regular glass/glass thin film panels. Perfect for rooftop (esp.rooftop with weight restrictions)and BIPV/BAPV projects.The reinforced back structure offers the same resistance as regular modules. Delivers 100 Watts at standard test conditions.

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