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Vortex - Wind Power Data Maps

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Vortex MAPS are inexpensive and delivered fast. Why? Because they only cover the areas you are interested in, which can be easily selected after a couple of clicks from your web browser. Exportable to industry-standard KML and ESRI formats, Vortex MAPS are intended to provide support to decision-makers at the start of project development.

Vortex - MAST - Wind site development simulation

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Vortex MAST has been designed for the preliminary stages of wind site development, when the investment risk is highest. Vortex MAST provides 1 or 20-year statistics at any location world-wide estimated with Microscale resolution (100m), at a small fraction of the price and delivery time of a real mast installation.

Vortex - Farm

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Probably, the most complete wind power modelling product on the market: long-term (30 years) main statistics at any point within the area of your planned wind farm plus high-resolution (up to 100m) temperature, mean wind, extreme wind (Vref) and turbulence maps. Determine the Class of your Site according to IEC standards and estimate ...

German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmen - Summer School : "Renewable Energy & Energy Transition"

by German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology     based in Berlin, GERMANY

01 – 20 September, 2014 – Paderborn, GermanyContent The scientific engineering program focus on solar energy, wind power & human development, and energy transition as well as lectures on the basic of renewable energies, conventional energy supply, market development, self-sustainable markets, cost and price development, energy transition, energy ...

HexPly - Prepregs For Wind Energy

by Hexcel Corporation     based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Prepregs are glass or carbon fiber reinforcements that are impregnated with epoxy resin. They are supplied as rolls and cured by applying heat to provide quality laminates with superior stiffness and strength – at low weights. The exceptionally high stiffness provided by Carbon fiber prepregs can make them a cost–effective option as ...

Polyspeed - Pre-Cured Glass/Epoxy Laminates

by Hexcel Corporation     based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Polyspeed pre-cured glass/epoxy laminates are used in conjunction with prepreg in a vacuum bag lay-up to improve the surface quality of the cured laminate and reduce thickness variations. The laminates are coated with a release agent and positioned between the peel ply/release film and the bleeder layer in the blade lay-up. Without Polyspeed the ...

Products For Power Distribution

by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

SMHI offers a variety of products and services that gives you the best possibilities possible when it comes to planning for extreme weather such as thunder, strong winds and heavy snow.

Wind Power

by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

For establishment of single power plants or entire parks; we offer technical solutions for all types of projects based on our expertise and long experience.

Wind Power At Sea

by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

For establishment of wind power plants at sea, careful investigations are needed. The load on the power plants is great from the wind, waves, currents and ice, and the costs for maintenance is closely related to the weather. In addition, there are often external requirements, such as environmental regulations, to take into account.

Gill - Extreme Weather WindObserver

by Wittich & Visser     based in Rijswijk, NETHERLANDS

This variant of the WindObserver has been designed to remain ice free in most freezing weather conditions. With exceptionally high heating power and the ability to measure wind speeds up to 75 m/s (0-168mph) the instrument is ideal for use in extreme conditions where performance and high reliability are paramount. With 150 Watts of electrical ...

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