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LAMBRECHT - Wind Sensors - Industry

by Wilh. LAMBRECHT GmbH     based in Goettingen, GERMANY

Of a special nature ...and very economical in acquisition is this wind sensor pair.

Model CTW-1.5KS - Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter

by Challentec (Wuxi) Co. Ltd     based in Wuxi, Jiangsu, CHINA

Challentec manufactures wind power inverters with different specifications, and they have shown an excellent performance in its functions and handling ability. Challentec’s wind power grid tie inverter could convertunstable fluctuating AC current from electronic generatorto AC current  with stable voltage and frequency, andthen input AC ...

Vortex - Wind Power Data Maps

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Vortex MAPS are inexpensive and delivered fast. Why? Because they only cover the areas you are interested in, which can be easily selected after a couple of clicks from your web browser. Exportable to industry-standard KML and ESRI formats, Vortex MAPS are intended to provide support to decision-makers at the start of project development.

Vortex - MAST - Wind site development simulation

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Vortex MAST has been designed for the preliminary stages of wind site development, when the investment risk is highest. Vortex MAST provides 1 or 20-year statistics at any location world-wide estimated with Microscale resolution (100m), at a small fraction of the price and delivery time of a real mast installation.

Model Aircon 10 S - Small Wind Power Plant

by EBITSCH energietechnik GmbH     based in Zapfendorf, GERMANY

In the small wind power plant sector, systems of 6 kW and higher are considered large and are mostly suited to users who have a constantly high electricity demand. For economic reasons the electricity thus generated is prioritised for the generator’s own consumption. Such users include, for example, small to medium-sized commercial and ...

Connection Couplings

by Voith Turbo Inc. (VTI)     based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Voith connection couplings connect shafts to shafts, flanges or hubs. They transmit torque backlash-free in a friction joint. The couplings are easily hydraulically set and reset.

Wind Transmitter

by Enercorp Instruments ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The First Class wind transmitters are designed to evaluate the location and capacity of future wind power systems. The anemometer measures the horizontal component of wind speed and the direction transmitter detects the horizontal wind direction. The measured value from each is available as a digital signal at the output. The rotation of the ...

Wind Power At Sea

by SMHI International Consulting Services     based in Norrköping, SWEDEN

For establishment of wind power plants at sea, careful investigations are needed. The load on the power plants is great from the wind, waves, currents and ice, and the costs for maintenance is closely related to the weather. In addition, there are often external requirements, such as environmental regulations, to take into account.

REDT - Wind Energy Storage

by Camco Clean Energy Company     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Managing Wind Variability using Energy Storage: Power from wind farms can go from overloading the grid to producing no energy at all within seconds- such rapid fluctuations can be difficult for other battery types to handle. The REDT battery can switch between charge and discharge cycles within milliseconds, mitigating power fluctuations related ...

Norwin - Model 29-STALL-200 kW - Wind Turbine

by NORWIN A/S     based in Gadstrup, DENMARK

Nominal electric power: 200 kW. Power regulation: Stall. Rotor size: Diameter 29.1 m (95.4 ft). Rotor speed: 37.6 rpm at full load. Rotor:  Three blades placed upwind of tower. Swept area: 664 m2 (7145 ft2). Tilt angle: 5°. Coning angle: 0.

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