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Hitachi - Wind Towers

by Hitachi Power Systems Canada Ltd.

At our custom machining and fabrication facility in Saskatoon, Canada, we produce superior quality wind towers for the North American market.Some highlights of our wind tower manufacturing capabilities include:

Model WE-14 - Wind Resource Anemometer

by Climatronics Corporation

Climatronics’ WE-14 anemometer (P/N 102836) is specifically designed for measuring the wind speed at potential wind power generating facilities. This anemometer is an ideal direct replacement for the disposable plastic sensors used historically for wind resource assessment.

Wind Power At Sea

by SMHI International Consulting Services

For establishment of wind power plants at sea, careful investigations are needed. The load on the power plants is great from the wind, waves, currents and ice, and the costs for maintenance is closely related to the weather. In addition, there are often external requirements, such as environmental regulations, to take into account.

Products For Power Distribution

by SMHI International Consulting Services

SMHI offers a variety of products and services that gives you the best possibilities possible when it comes to planning for extreme weather such as thunder, strong winds and heavy snow.

Wind Energy

by Energy Project Management

We are currently evaluating sites to develop wind energy and intend this sector to be a growing part of our portfolio. Energy Project Management Ltd specialises in taking a product, project or company from concept to commercial realisation. We have a wide ranging experience across many industries and use this experience to develop projects in ...

Model WSD1 - Wind Speed and Direction Sensors

by Environmental Measurements Ltd

The Wind Speed section of the sensor consists of a low-inertia ABS cup assembly for fast response mounted on a dual ballrace-supported stainless steel shaft. The use of a Bremag 10 magnet operating a long life reed switch produces one bounce-free pulse per revolution of the rotor.

Energy Recovery System

by Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG

Economic and environmentally friendly solutions. Utilisation of waste energy for: Steam, hot water, hot air, thermal oil, cooling energy, electricity, desalination. Combination with regenerative systems: Wind power.

Onshore Wind Energy

by PROKON Nord Energiesysteme GmbH

Since 1997, we have been established in the onshore market as planning and operating company of totally 13 wind farms and two testing areas: with an installed capacity of 138 MW (42 MW of which are owned by N.prior energy), the wind farms initiated by us produce 280 million kilowatt hours per year. This means a supply of 90,000 households. The ...

Wind Transmitter First Class

by Windcom Messtechnik GmbH

The wind transmitter is designed for the measurement of the horizontal component of the wind speed in the field of meteorology and environmental measuring technology, evaluation of on-site wind potential, and measurement of capacity characteristics of wind power systems. The device features optimized characteristics, dynamic behaviour at high ...

WindSentinel - Wind Resource Assessment System

by AXYS Technologies Inc.

The WindSentinel™ is a wind resource assessment buoy that uses LiDAR to accurately measure wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence offshore at turbine hub-height and across the blade span

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