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Mathematical Modeling

by Springer

This book contains review articles and original results in problems and methods of mathematical simulation and their applications in various fields. The articles included are based on the reports that were presented at the Fourth International Mathematical Modeling Conference (Moscow, Russia, June 27 - July 1, 2000). The book is intended for ...;

Milestones in Geosciences

by Springer

Since the early decades of the last century, some eminent European scientists have contributed to the creation of a new perspective of our planet Earth. Some outstanding scientific articles were published in the journal Geologische Rundschau (now International Journal of Earth Sciences), mostly in German. These milestones of geoscientific research ...;

Constructed Wetlands for the Treatment of Landfill Leachates

by Amazon.com

Constructed wetlands are proving to be the best natural treatment system for landfill leachates. Most of the contaminants in landfill leachates are degraded in treatment wetlands. Potential for long-term sustainability and significant cost savings are attractive features of this eco-technology. Documentation of the experience in this use of ...;

Underwater Acoustics

by Springer

Sound waves are the only practical means of remote investigation of the sea and its bottom and transmission in seawater. Underwater acoustics has become one of the major technologies used in the exploration and exploitation of the oceans for scientific, industrial, or military/naval purposes. It is widely employed in the fields of ocean ...;

Baltic Coastal Ecosystems

by Springer

The Baltic Sea and its coastal zones have been intensively utilised for centuries. Settlements, industry, fisheries and trade are still concentrated in the coastal zones. Concurrently, the coast is a web of sensitive and highly valuable ecosystems which suffer from ongoing degradation. Increasing demands and pressures on coastal ecosystems require ...;

Adjunct to D1118 Test Method for Magnetic Rating of Asbestos Fiber and Asbestos Textiles

by ASTM International

Magnetic analyzer (3 dwgs.) and information on preparation of calibration standards. This product is available as a PDF download only.;

Control of Bird Migration

by Springer

This volume fills a real gap. Before now there existed no compilation to summarize the enormous wealth of data and hypotheses elaborated in the huge research field on the control mechanisms which are involved in bird migration. This volume takes into consideration all aspects of controlling factors since experimentation began in 1925. ;

Oil Spill Chemical Dispersants: Research, Experience and Recommendations

by ASTM International

Contains 27 papers divided into four sections: laboratory toxicity and effectiveness testing; field effectiveness; fate and effects; and contingency planning and guidelines. Addresses when dispersants should be used; the results of the dispersant application; and the short-term; and long-term costs to the environment.;

Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

In the debate over pollution control, the price of pollution is a key issue. But which is more costly: clean up or prevention? From regulations to technology selection to equipment design, Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook serves as a single source of information on commonly used air pollution control technology. It covers environmental ...;

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